From the Week of December 14th – The Last Ten Seconds

The recent tragedies and subsequent demonstrations and media coverage after the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Gardner make it evident that the human race cannot contemplate past the last ten seconds.  The demonstrators repeatedly focused on the last ten seconds of both men’s deaths.  The news media cannot critically think past the last ten seconds.

When a plane crashes, it is usually not from one mechanical or human failure.  A series of events take place before the crash happens.  The FAA will spend months or years painstakingly investigating the plane’s parts and human communication before making a final judgment of a deadly crash.

The careful analysis by the FAA has become an anomaly in our society.  In the case of Brown and Garner, the societal, community and individual actions leading up to the disturbing outcomes have been overshadowed by sensational seeking and media attention pundits.  The last ten seconds of both tragedies have shaped the conversations, writings and actions.

As a result, the irresponsible media will continue to bring us images that bring distrust to all who are not like us.  A white guy can’t be trusted, black on black crime will continue unabated, young black people will continue to defy a police order and too many police will continue to abuse their powers of the badge.

I now understand that the drug companies and the media has shaped our perceptions of prescription drugs by only focusing on the last ten seconds.

A person dies from an overdose and we only recount the last ten seconds.  A person is given morphine after surgery and we marvel at the wonders of morphine for ten seconds.  A terminal patient’s last minutes are remembered by the peace the oxycodone or morphine brought them to the end.  The last ten seconds of death was peaceful thanks to the narcotics.

For over 5000 years the opium plant has helped kill millions of people and recently overdose deaths are over 30,000 individuals yearly.  Our ability to only think critically about the last ten seconds continues the charade of the legal prescription narcotics.  Our ten second snapshots of positive outcomes from the deadly drugs has clouded all rational thinking about preventing millions of future addictions and tens of thousands of deaths.  A “ten second” interview with a “pain patient” shapes our future policy on chronic pain policies.  The history of the patient’s growing dependency on the legal narcotics and family ramifications is completely ignored.

The think tanks of Pharma know and understand our inability to think past the last ten seconds.  The opioids are a dangerous psychologically and physically altering class of drugs.  In addition to the mental effects, the secondary side effects of the opioids is immediate pain relief.

Our inability to critically think past the last ten seconds of immediate pain relief will continue to doom millions to future addiction and tens of thousands to homelessness and death.

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From the week of August 31 – A Milestone Article in Tampa

Special note for the Tampa Tribune article Sunday, “FLORIDA HEALS FROM PILL MILL EPIDEMIC”

Elaine Silvestrini, of the Tampa paper, displayed that the journalists are beginning to understand the drug epidemic.  The masterful and diabolical marketing of “pain management” with Pharma’s help is slowly being revealed.

Silvestrini shared the history of Florida and it’s sorry past with pill mills.  Although Silvestrini did not delve deeply into the accomplices that were Pharma and the drug stores, she created a better understanding for the uninitiated on the major conduit for the street distribution that was taking place in Florida.

The article gave the history and growth of pill mills in Florida and the efforts put forth by law enforcement and the DEA.  Millions of pills were reaching the streets courtesy of pharmaceutical manufacturers, doctors and pharmacies.  A summary of the recently reduced deaths was properly recognized by Silvestrini and reported on.

My hope is that Silvestrini’s article brings more research and expansion on her breakthrough article.  Silvestrini exposed the hoax of pain management in the pill mill environment, but she still gave a pass to the too many licensed charlatan’s who get people hooked on four to six oxycodone containing pills a day with no hope for future improvement in their health.

The pain charlatans have gotten smarter.  They realize that as little as a few pills of oxycodone, mixed in with some benzodiazepine pills, neuropathic pills, psychotropic pills and a sleeping pill to end the day will create a loyal and dedicated monthly patient visit.  Fortunately, the person will remain alive, but have little hope of ever improving physically while on the cocktail of drugs.

Silvestrini’s article is an article I hope other journalists read.  My hope is more reporting will be forthcoming on the silence from the Medical Board and Pharmacy Board in Florida and beyond.  Articles better understanding the complicity of our state legislators and, in particular in Florida, why a former governor was silent as the pill mills prospered and grew.

The FDA’s complicity creating the moniker “safe as prescribed” for the opioids as thousands become addicted and die needs to be explored and questioned.

The journalist’s have many more opportunities for articles covering a period in history that could be labeled “genocide from prescription drugs”.

My ultimate goal is “not safe as prescribed” for the legal narcotics.

The genocide didn’t happen and continue by accident. I am pleased that Elaine Silvestrini has made a monumental step for a basis of reporting on so many needless deaths.

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From the week of August 10 – Robin Williams and the False Hope of Treatment

I am writing this with great sadness and, unfortunately, some anger.  From the multitude of tributes from friends and family, Robin Williams was as warm personally as he was to the millions who knew him through his work and personal appearances.  Along with the millions of people Williams touched in his life, I am mourning our loss this morning.

It has been widely reported that Williams suffered from “addiction” for many years.  He was in a “treatment facility” recently.

This is where my anger starts today.  I am tired of reading about people who have gone to treatment facilities a number of times only to die a short time later.  Treatment facilities have a horrendous failure rate and comfortably charge thousands of dollars for a short stay.  The money train of drugs has shifted to an outcry for more money and “treatment”.

Like the farce of “pain management”, the promises of “treatment” has to begin to be scrutinized.

Although progress has been made, Pharma continues to generate death and destruction from addictive and dangerous legally authorized drugs with the FDA’s blessing.  Few doctors today have the audacious fortitude to classify themselves as pain management doctors.  The quackery of opioids for chronic pain has been revealed.  People knowing they will face dramatic withdrawal or have not been motivated to finding alternative therapies remain the vocal disciples for the legal drug mavens.

A new dawn of realization needs to begin concerning treatment promises.  It has been reported that Williams problem was alcohol and depression.  I am assuming we will never know if he was given psychotropic’s during and after his last treatment visit.  But, the fact remains, his last treatment visit was a total failure.

As people are getting ready to march in Washington under the false cloud the sponsoring treatment facilities have helped create with an upcoming rally  and an organization called NOPE creates vigils requesting “corporate sponsorship”, the false hopes of a defunct treatment model in this country are proselytized.

Addiction and depression are created from deep psychological issues.  For some people an epiphany is created during their darkest moment and for others they suffer endlessly.  Former addicts are only able to help a few because everybody’s root cause of the addiction is different.

The false hope of treatment has to be revealed.  If Robin Williams couldn’t get the help he needed and was taken in by the lies a treatment facility brings, then I hope his death will begin to reveal an industry out of control.

The soldiers for the nefarious treatment industry has become the families who have lost the most.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams

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From the week of July 20th – The “Hoax of OxyContin” Growing in Awareness

About seven years ago I created the term “hoax of OxyContin”.  With billions of dollars in sales behind OxyContin’s history and gullible reporters continuing to believe the marketing myth of pain management, the logical summary of Purdue Pharma’s national boondoggle was a difficult concept for most intellectuals in 2007.

Additional drug companies jumped on the bandwagon of “narcotics for pain” and the money flowed to anybody who had an MD behind their name or an organization that would accept the blood money from Pharma for gain.

Over two years ago I wrote about the “diabolical marketing” and “conspiracy” of OxyContin.

Recently, a good summary was written mentioning the “National Conspiracy”

Aside from the old news of “conspiracy”, most rewarding in the article, is that the attorney’s are finally catching on to the conspiracy.  The lawsuits in California and Chicago should bring great hope to all those who have been affected.  It will be the attorneys who will begin to stop the epidemic.

I have been largely ignored by the phony groups who promote themselves and others by asking to bring pictures of their dead loved ones.  It pains me to see “vigils” on behalf of loved ones when they appear to have only one goal:  Corporate Sponsorship.

The exploitation of families who have lost so dearly continues to intrigue me while the plea for prevention and education go unheeded.  The   petition continues to be ignored by the hypocritical groups who prey on our emotions of lost loved ones or loved ones affected.

Collecting money from large companies and donors based on dead pictures has become the norm in the drug fiasco while Pharma continues to produce billions of pills with no opposition or pleas for more drug education.

The upcoming FED UP Rally in Washington in September represents the epitome of the exploitation of those who have lost.  Washington politicians, treatment facilities, and government have no intention of stopping the epidemic.  Too much money is flowing into both the manufacture and addiction business entities.  Politicians reap millions of dollars from Pharma lobbying.

Almost every sponsor of the FED UP Rally has more to gain from addiction’s growth than curtailing it.

The mantra for the FED UP RALLY is;  “Don’t forget to bring a picture of your dead loved one!”

It has become great PR for a company to attach their logo onto dead children knowing the epidemic is here to stay without effective educational programs.

My heart aches every time I hear of another person affected.  My heart also aches knowing how groups prey on loved ones to move an agenda that has nothing to do with education and prevention.

Pharma continues to control the message.

I am going to start to carry a picture of my favorite attorney.  No phoniness there.

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From the week of July 6th – Governor Chris Christie Puts Death Knell to Education and Prevention

I have long lamented about the “money train of drugs”:

The engine is Pharma who manufactures as many narcotics, amphetamines and mind altering drugs that they can put on our streets.

The coal and fuel car for the train are the government programs that have given carte blanche reimbursement.  The VA, Medicare and Medicaid are collectively the largest purchasers of addictive controlled substances.  A combination of the FDA’s mantra of “safe as prescribed” and the government programs of support creates billions of dollars in taxpayer reimbursements.

Intentionally or blindly the private insurance industry has followed in the largest mass narcotic and amphetamine drugging of a country’s citizens since China’s heroin epidemic in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The middle of the train contains the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, advertisers, politicians and pharmacy chains that reap billions of dollars from the distribution process.  The state regulatory boards offer little direction or penalties and remain silent as billions of pills reach our streets.

Our children are being drugged in masses that only the historians will be able to analyze and understand.

The caboose on the money train of drugs is the treatment industry.

Currently, the treatment industry offers the largest potential for profits and growth in the drug epidemic.  Addiction Medicine is growing, treatment facilities are expanding and buprenorphine and methadone sales are skyrocketing.

Methadone has become so profitable Mitt Romney’s former company has invested in methadone clinics!

The mantra has become, “we need more money for treatment”. The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) has mandated addiction services and our politicians are speaking in terms of “less incarceration and more treatment”.  The caboose filled with treatment options is expanding dramatically.



Recently, Governor Chris Christie indicated his concern for helping people with substance misuse.  I respect Governor Christie and I have no doubt he is sincere and means well.


Chris Christie has officially produced zero hope for the future of education and prevention.  The growth of addiction is in the manufacturing, marketing and the false hope of treatment success for millions of people.  Christie’s campaign will be partially fueled by the treatment industry.

Christie stated he had a friend “go through a dozen treatment programs” and his friend died from a prescription drug and alcohol overdose.

For millions of people, treatment offers the same false hope as pain management.  This writer’s hope for education before treatment is fading quickly.

There isn’t any money in education.  Education would curtail use and slow the growing demand for treatment facilities.

Education would also reveal the groups exploiting families who have lost dearly.

Organizations asking for pictures from those who have lost children, spouses, siblings, relatives and friends would be revealed for the false hopes created that Pharma, government, and the treatment industry has no intention of changing.

Education would cut many organizations off from the money the treatment industry offers and sponsors.

Governor Christie is the new insurance policy for the drug epidemic and Christie is today’s death knell for any hope for education and prevention.

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