From the Week of April 14th – Pain vs. Pills – Twisted Thinking

“Pain” is an interesting word.  The dictionary definition is different from every person’s personal definition.  The word “pain” brings memories of our last operation, dental visit, paper cut or twisted ankle;  not Webster’s definition.

Before the wider availability of opium derivatives, modern surgery room anesthetics, and local aesthetics, pain was considered an existential part of the human experience along with the sun and moon’s existence.

In the 19th century:  ether, chloroform, morphine and cocaine created a revolution for the medical approach to pain.  Beginning in the 1800′s, “pain” became a medical conquest and could be removed from the chapters that included the nebulous explanations only the Gods could explain.


Modern day opioids have caused tens of thousands of deaths and addicted millions.  It usually starts with OxyContin, Vicodin, Fentanyl, Dilaudid, etc.  The cocktail of drugs added to the initial opioid dose is causing disability and dysfunctional outcomes in both human tragedy and economic devastation in families and every community.

The dangerous drugs have been marketed ingeniously by Pharma.  Intelligent academia, writers, reporters and elite thinkers all think in terms of “pain is pain” and have been completely brainwashed by Pharma marketing.

Pharma, with the FDA’s blessings, have created the compassionate mantra that pain needs to be addressed.  The negative outcomes from potentially dangerous drug therapy will be discussed later.  We are an elite species that can discuss and avoid the negative outcomes as they arise.  Treat the pain!


The opioids are dangerous.  They have a proven track record of danger, death and destruction.  They have a history of addiction and family turmoil.

From the diabolical pharmaceutical company marketing approach:  “narcotics are a necessary part of medicine” at all levels of pain.

The path of least resistance for today’s reporter and medical establishment ends with Pharma’s premise to treat pain aggressively .

The twisted thinking starts with believing the opioids are “safe as prescribed” thanks to your FDA.

Ironically, people would never accept a dose of heroin unless they were in the most dire of consequences of pain.  Heroin remains an evil and negative narcotic in our society.

When the reporters finally understand that OxyContin and Vicodin are therapeutically as dangerous as heroin the reporting will change and fewer doctors and patients will be asking for the dangerous quick fix.

Pharma’s marketing will be understood.  FDA’s complicity will be understood.

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From the 3/18 Show – Zohydro – FDA and Rope a Dope

In 1974 Muhammad Ali pulled off a masterful match against George Foreman in which Ali allowed Foreman to flail away on Ali while he was against the ropes in the ring.  Subsequently, Foreman used up much of his energy without doing much damage to Ali.

“Rope a Dope” comes to mind with the FDA and Zohydro.

The highly addictive and potentially deadly Zohydro was approved by the FDA in spite of an advisory panel recommending against approval and a public outcry against the product.

My blog from 12/11/2012 revealed the FDA orchestration for Zohydro

However, there was a twist I did not know.  Purdue Pharma has been working on a timed released hydrocodone product.

The deference the FDA has shown Purdue since the introduction of OxyContin and tens of thousands of lives lost is well documented for speculation on the special relationship Purdue has with the FDA.

The Rope a Dope begins with the public outcry from all the organizations that garner publicity from being part of the “safe as prescribed” crowd.  OxyContin, Vicodin, Adderall, Dilaudid, Opana, Duragesic, etc are all “safe as prescribed”. But, OMG Zohydro is dangerous!!!!

As a reminder, all the legal narcotics are addictive.  The outcry from the “safe as prescribed” groups is not from the addiction potential of Zohydro, but the fact that it can be crushed.

Fact: Few people die from overdose deaths that include the crushing of pills!

The FDA script couldn’t have been better planned.  Recently, the FDA Rope a Dope ingenuity led members of congress to propose banning Zohydro.

The issue in Congress isn’t that high doses of hydrocodone are inherently dangerous, but that Zohydro is not “abuse resistant”.

Bouncing off the ropes is the FDA and Purdue Pharma.  Purdue’s timed release hydrocodone “abuse resistant” (not “addictive resistant”) will be ready for approval in the coming year.

In the coming months, the energy against the timed release high dose of hydrocodone in the formulation of Zohydro will be spent by the “safe as prescribed” crowd.

The FDA “listened” to the public outcry and Purdue will win quick approval with their “OxyContin Cousin” and little outcry from the “safe as prescribed” groups.

The FDA mastered the Rope a Dope strategy to perfection.

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From the 3/11 Show – National Rx Drug Abuse Summit – The Train Rolls

I hope the radio show is remembered for the phrase “The Money Train of Drugs”.  The engine is the drug manufacturers, the coal car is the marketing gurus, the passenger compartments include the medical professionals and the caboose includes the treatment and recovery people.  The billions of dollars legal drugs generate makes a case for education a hard fought battle.

The annual National Rx Drug Abuse Summit ( )has become the crescendo and defining moment for everything that is wrong with our country’s growing drug culture.  Under the guise of “caring and concern”, a multi-mega buck charade has been created.

With the approval of the FDA and a complicit NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) “feel good” drugs that interact with our neurons and interfere with the natural neurotransmitters in our bodies have been a given carte blanche ticket for human destruction.

Our forefathers made heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine illegal. But, modern science has brought drugs to market that mimic the effects of all three drugs.

It begins with the selling and pouring of mind altering drugs down the throats of unsuspecting children, selling heroin like drugs under the “guise of pain” to adults, and rationalizing the rebirth of amphetamines to create an underground market for the college students.

For the adults, when the “prozac” begins to become tolerated, the “experts” add a cocktail of new mind altering drugs and convince almost 20% of the population they have a mental illness.  The warnings of suicide and dependence remain unheeded.

The train rolls on.  Since the birth of patent medicines in the 19th century, followed by legalizing heroin, followed by the invention of the amphetamines, followed by the barbiturates, Quaaludes, benzodiazepines, and heroin substitutes called OxyContin and Vicodin, the diabolical myth continues forward as tens of thousands are affected or die yearly from the LEGAL drugs.

Then along comes the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit in April.  Keynote addresses by the leaders of the NIH, NIDA, FDA, CDC and ONDCP all signed on to continue the farce of “safe as prescribed” and reminding all that we need to be vigilant to recognize those who become most severely damaged from the use of the legal drugs.

“We need to cut our losses” and to hell with the millions who are psychologically hooked without adequate mental health counseling.

Drugs are the mainstay of treatment and forget about a clean bed and adequate nutrition.

The people we can’t help:   Put them out on the streets or in jail!

For those who can afford it, the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit has the legislators, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, treatment providers, insurance companies, and community advocates available to cash in on the human misery the conference pretends to be concerned about.

The train continues to roll in 2014.

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From the 3/4 Show – God, Drugs and the Stupefying of America

This blog enters into an area I have no business in:  God.

David Kupelian recently wrote an excellent piece reminding America that 70 million people are using mind altering drugs and another 60 million are reportedly regular alcohol users

The statistics indicate that America is continually growing in its thirst for mind altering substances.  The marketers and distributors of every category of blissful promises have affected millions of individuals and families with little negative publicity.  Supply (marketing) and demand is working perfectly in American communities.

Drug and alcohol use increases as the purveyors of the products bring legitimacy to substances that alter the human mind and condition.  For the legal drugs, the auspices of “science” is used.

Recently, Washington State issued the first license to legally sell marijuana.  Another 333 licenses are waiting in the wings via a lottery process.

There was jubilation with the issuance of the new marijuana license with no mention of the already 130 million people who are already under the wings of mind altering legal substances.

It appears our country hasn’t reached the peak of consumption for the altering of perception.

The news channels lament the economic conditions of millions of Americans while the politicians remain puppets to those who profit from the “stupefying of America”.

Within David Kupelian’s article, a brilliant paragraph:

“The desire for drug profits – combined with the profound blindness that results from a de facto atheistic orientation for healing human minds and souls – have taken our nation to a bad place. When our “healers” do not understand human nature, when morality and sin don’t even enter into our thinking about how our mental-emotional problems originate and are fed, when we completely ignore the reality of God’s laws (which reliably results in falling into the grip of dark forces), we compensate by creating our own quasi-”religious” beliefs and “priests” (experts), with their own peculiar “sacraments” and “salvation.” All of which leads us, individually and as a nation, ever more into darkness, rather than into the light.”

In summary from the radio show:

The intellectual and progressive thinkers who believe in science, logic and free choice follow the dictates of messages that are self indulgent and are lacking in self constraint.  For the “enlightened elite”, religion is illogical and only to be defended and supported in a prison environment.–__religion_november_2012_0.pdf

The elitists and intellectuals are the last to understand the stupefying of America.  Those who believe in God understand.

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From the 2/25 Show – Generation Rx – A Film for Future Generations and Historians

Film maker Kevin P Miller (The Promised Land, Let Truth be the Bias, Generation Rx and more) was my guest this week. Kevin produced, directed and wrote Generation Rx.  It has been five years since I talked to Kevin following the original introduction of the movie.

Generation Rx remains a classic work over five years later.  Although a keepsake copy can be purchased (, the movie is available on You Tube.  I urge all to watch it.

If you don’t understand the impact of Generation Rx, I am confident the historians will. The future historians will be in consternation how a technologically advanced society allowed the drugging of our children in a methodical evolution under the auspices of the FDA.

Generation Rx explores how America has come to believe a large proportion of our children are “chemically imbalanced”, “deficient in brain function” and incapable of surviving childhood without mind altering chemicals.  The drug companies have masterfully convinced society that nurturing, caring, understanding and a commitment of time for our children should be replaced with chemicals in a developing mind.  The chemicals have been renamed under the guidelines called “medications”.

Science has not mastered the complexities of the human mind and common sense should dictate that chemicals haven’t been produced that will create the perfect Johnny or Mary.

The continued insult to our intelligence is the complicity of the FDA to help perpetuate the fraud that is changing childhood.

It takes an effort and a search to uncover the facts.  I unequivocally state that giving powerful chemicals that alter the neurotransmitters in a developing brain is child abuse.

Generation Rx exposes the “contrived science” that is also perpetuated by a media who rationalizes ignoring the facts over potential profits.

If common sense isn’t convincing enough, Generation Rx interviews a number of distinguished people from various fields, talks to parents and family members who have suffered the consequences of the contrived science, goes into the medical conferences that collaborate to perpetuate the myth about our children and examines the “partnership” of the FDA with the drug companies.

If you have children or grandchildren, please watch Generation Rx.  For those who have their children on drugs, please understand the myths and possible dangers Generation Rx exposes.

A film for the ages and I wish I could be around to read how the future historians review Generation Rx.

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