War on Drugs a Charade

Since the Black Congressional Caucus supported the crackdown on cocaine after Len Bias died in 1986, prison beds have been built by the hundreds of thousands. The public outcry was to “save the Black community”. President Reagan and congress overwhelmingly passed a drug law that would later put hundreds of thousands of people in prison.

The politics looked good, but there was never any sincerity to stop the major drug distribution in our country and the 1986 legislation ultimately put billions of dollars into the coffers of the prison builders and judicial system. Congress and legislators brought in millions of dollars from lobbyists who wanted to build prisons.

This country loves their drugs. Reality is no longer welcome by most college graduates, but those are the facts. While Pharma pumps out multiple times the amount of amphetamines and opioids than in 1986, the prison-industrial complex has made billions of dollars arresting and incarcerating those who don’t play by the rules of Congress. If you are high enough on the food chain for production and distribution, and take care of Congress, the money made by the mass sellers of drugs, attorneys, police, courts, judges, prison guards and addiction doctors keeps the charade alive and well for those who make the phony claim there is a War on Drugs.

This country has never had more drugs within its borders, both legal and illegal, and the indoctrinating message is “The War on Drugs is a failure”. How can you call it a failure if there is no sincerity for the outcome and you continue to allow the production and distribution at higher levels every year? The buzz words, “War on Drugs” are directed towards the poor souls who get sucked into the marketing and distribution of the addictive and deadly substances.

There is no war against the distribution of the opioids. There is no war against marijuana. There is no war against pharma. You can get all you want.

As of this writing, Florida legislators are finding excuses to NOT limit the distribution of opioids.  http://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2018/01/05/rick-scotts-opioid-bill-is-getting-pushback-should-it/

China’s Mao Zedong eradicated the major sellers and dealers in China starting in 1949. That stopped the major drug issues in China. Today’s equivalent of Mao is the Philippine’s president, Duterte, who is killing the drug dealer.

The Taliban stopped the growing of opium in Afghanistan. Our country’s military resurrected the opium poppy in that country.

Our country doesn’t have the guts for following in Mao’s or Duarte’s footsteps. We don’t even have the guts to tell our children that drugs should never be taken. It would be bad for our economy and destroy the phony War on Drugs vernacular. We have a President who has said that we should educate our children about drugs. The War on Drugs brigade has remained silent on the President’s wishes.

Amphetamines and opioids are fine if you pay your doctor and pharmacist. If you don’t shell out money to the right cartel for the “legal drugs”, you go to jail.

Marijuana is shipped across the border by the tens of millions of tons. Our country is inundated with marijuana. The profits and proliferation of marijuana has met the crescendo of allowing the government to make more money from legally selling it than arresting people for it.

For tens of thousands of people marijuana and heroin is as important as food. We love our drugs. Those who suffer the consequences from too much be damned. Don’t build a wall. God Damn it, I need my drugs. God Damn it, I need the profits that drugs bring from across the border and who cares about the children whose parents are addicted.

Trump wants to build a wall, in part, to deter the drug importation through the Mexican border. The “War on Drugs” crowd needs to stop that wall. There is too much money at stake to curtail the drug distribution in this country. The industrial prison and legal complex, along with the mental health industry, would suffer financially. Stopping the drugs from crossing the border is counterproductive to the money that can be made from selling the garbage, responding, treating, burying and maintaining addiction services.

Stopping the manufacture, marketing and distribution of drugs by the kingpins would put to rest the charade of the phrase “War on Drugs”. War on Drugs is the code for “we want more drugs on our streets”. We need to increase the market share and number of people we can get hooked on drugs. It would be better business for the pharmacies, addiction houses, emergency rooms, first responders, medical examiners and funeral homes.

The War on Drugs mantra will eventually allow us to go back to the pre-1986 mentality and it will become socially more acceptable to addict the white community with equal fervor.

When is this country going to get serious about facing the reality and truth about our love of drugs? The “War on Drugs” offers little truth.

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Prescription Addiction Radio Show for Trump and No Apology for Being an Old White Guy

Donald Trump has said he wants to stop the drugs coming across the border.  With a present President who has done little to stop the drug trade at all levels, this one issue should be of importance to the millions of families who have been affected by the legal and illegal drug trade in this country.  The last thing most anti-drug groups and rehab outfits want is a reduction in the drug trade.  That would put them out of business.  I haven’t seen any drug organization supporting Trump.

Many in the press have made it a disparaging point that Trump is favored among the white males.  As a white male I want to address that issue. I came from a generation and community in which our fathers were important and were responsible for the safety of our family.  Trump represents an age old symbol of protecting our wives, children and grand children moving into the future.  Only the naive believe we don’t have enemies in this world who wouldn’t hesitate to send a child strapped with a bomb on their body into a wedding ceremony.  Our enemies don’t care what country the death and destruction takes place in.  Trump represents the reality that allows real men an extension of protecting our country and family.

Trump addressing the inner city issues has been met with disdain by the American press.

Real men are also deeply concerned about the death and destruction taking place in too many minority communities.  Everybody should be able to protect their children.  Trump offers a change of mindset on a serious issue.  My last blog addressed the economy of too many communities, “Drugs, Guns, Violence and Nike”.

The growth and independence of woman in my lifetime has been positive for all.  However, an important point has been missed in this election.  Many woman today don’t need a man for protection.  For many women, the government has replaced the role of the man in the family.  Women believe they don’t need Trump or men with the mindset of protecting family and country.

The older white male doesn’t want to usurp their responsibility to the government.  For most women, the government has become their protector.

It makes sense that Trump is polling near zero with the African American community.  The vestiges of history on what our white male forefathers did to the African Americans is horrendous.  I don’t dispute the atrocities of history, but I had nothing to do with that.  I want to make this a better country based on the strength and independence an individual effort brings.

There remains a great deal of money to be made to continue the mindset of the 1960′s and not allow us to move forward on race relations as a country.  The press feeds upon division because that brings greater emotions and attention.

For justifiable reasons, the African American community trusts the government more than the white male.  However, this is 2016.  It is time to move forward and roll the dice on Trump and a new generation of white males who want prosperity and equality for all.

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America’s Hidden Secret: Economy Based on Drugs, Alcohol, Guns, Violence and Nike – Forget About Making America Great Again

The actual statistics relating to America’s drug and alcohol use are no longer necessary.  Every person can see the damage being done by the increased drugging and intoxicating of America.  Whether it is the loss of a family or friend from an overdose, a DUI related car accident or the daily turmoil a legal drug, illegal drug or alcohol is doing to you or a loved one, North America blissfully continues to market, sell, produce and import more.  The number of well known personalities who have succumbed to an overdose over the years has become nothing more than emotionally driven tabloid news with no endgame.

We pass by the panhandlers on our streets as if we don’t see them.  All victims of substances they can’t control.  But, no worries, our insatiable thirst to alter the natural state of mind rationalizes the despair we choose to ignore.

In 2015, over four billion prescriptions were dispensed which averaged out to about twelve prescriptions per person.  If you are over 65, the average was about 27 prescriptions per person.  About 1.2 million college students drink alcohol every day and an estimated 700,000 smoke marijuana.  The feel good drugs containing amphetamines are called “the smart drugs” for our children and young adults of all ages.  We spent over $374 billion dollars on prescriptions drugs in 2014.  That equates to about $1400 per person.

Opioids accounted for 259 million prescriptions in 2012, 255 million prescriptions for anti-depressants,  and at least 13 million people received a prescription for an anti-anxiety producing benzodiazepine.  So called mental health and pain related drugs accounted for over $40 billion dollars in 2013.

It doesn’t matter how long we have to wait for a prescription as long as the drug store promises they will fill it.

In 2013 our veterans were killing themselves at the rate of 22 per day, almost one lost soul per hour.  Most were on a combination of drugs that had been written and dispensed by a person wearing a white coat.  In North America, a drug will cure all of our natural God given reactions to life.

A response of love, caring and extra time has been eliminated by the promise of a pill.  Suicides and murders are antidotal to our drug and alcohol culture.

A new love affair with marijuana is just beginning knowing Colorado is expected to reap $5 billion in sales since it became legal in that state.  Recently a law maker in Atlantic City suggested legalization of marijuana “to help revitalize the economy” of that city.

The last statistics from the White House estimated $191 billion dollars in lost revenue to business is due to drug abuse.  Alcohol wasn’t mentioned.

Some estimates are as high as 80% of all prisoners are in jail for a drug or alcohol related crime.    We have over two million people incarcerated to help fuel the prison system economy with drugs and alcohol the leading culprit as an accomplice.

President Obama recently suggested over another $1 billion dollars to maintain people on legal opioids after the addiction process is full blown.  There was no mention by the President of curtailing the production of any prescription drug.

Congress will support and overwhelmingly approve the President’s initiative to create long term dependency allowing doctors the “bait and switch” for another opioid.  The addiction industry is asking that doctors can prescribe drugs for addiction at the rate of 500 patients per doctor instead of limiting them to “only” 100 patients.  That equates to 400 more people under medical supervision destined to face severe withdrawal if they don’t take their drugs daily.  Avoiding withdrawal has become modern medicine.  All know the power of buprenorphine and methadone.

Pharmaceutical companies have received billions of dollars in fines for miss marketing and misrepresentation and it remains drug production as usual with no jail time.

And the legal drugs are not enough for North America.  We import billions of dollars of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine from our global neighbors.  The idea of building barriers to curtail the import of illegal drugs is met with demonstrations and violence against the messenger of the idea.

Along with drugs, we cannot get enough guns.  It is now reported that we have more guns in America than people.  With every new massacre, more guns are sold.  One estimate had an underground gun economy (illegally sold) at $750 million.

As I write this, Chicago lost another 13 people due to gun related violence during the Father’s day week-end.  The inner city of too many cities has a daily fear of death and carnage from gun violence.

It would be naive to believe that the economy for too many people in too many communities does not rely on the sale of drugs and guns.  This translates into billions of dollars in cost from lost lives, judicial system costs and prison costs.

For those lucky enough to not be killed or arrested, the money generated from drugs and guns buys brand names that will garner prestige.  As Nike sells it shoes, they and every brand name clothes manufacturer reaps large rewards from the “drugs and guns economy”.  Hats, shirts, pants and shoes define the success for too many surrounded by drug and gun deals.

Corporate America secretly understands what the drug and gun dealer want.  They market directly to the drug and gun culture.

Police are told to back off and let the dealers ply their trade, but are the first to be called after the next bullet is fired.  Corporate America has remained silent in the “All Lives Matter” conversation.


We have millions of people who can’t function due to drugs and alcohol, millions more who can’t go a day without their legal fix, a government and corporate culture that relies on the dysfunction and money drugs and alcohol create, and a younger generation that only knows a culture of drugs and alcohol.

We have millions of people who are part of a dysfunctional workforce that our drug and alcohol consumption can be blamed for.  The corporate and government enablers are endless.

The pharmaceutical and gun organizations have the most influence in Washington and the profits drugs and alcohol bring to so many is a reality this country needs to understand.

When Nike, Reebok, Ralph Lauren and Timberline convene for a meeting in Washington, along with leaders from every religious and ethnic background,  I will have some hope for the future of America.

Air Jordan’s replaced by work boots or dress shoes?    What a concept to make America great again.

Larry Golbom:  Author of “NOT SAFE AS PRESCRIBED”

not safe as precribed front

https://www.amazon.com/Not-Safe-Prescribed-Lawrence-Golbom-ebook/dp/B01DICYMBE? ie=UTF8&ref_=cm_cr_arp_d_pdt_img_top


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From the Week of December 14th – The Last Ten Seconds

The recent tragedies and subsequent demonstrations and media coverage after the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Gardner make it evident that the human race cannot contemplate past the last ten seconds.  The demonstrators repeatedly focused on the last ten seconds of both men’s deaths.  The news media cannot critically think past the last ten seconds.

When a plane crashes, it is usually not from one mechanical or human failure.  A series of events take place before the crash happens.  The FAA will spend months or years painstakingly investigating the plane’s parts and human communication before making a final judgment of a deadly crash.

The careful analysis by the FAA has become an anomaly in our society.  In the case of Brown and Garner, the societal, community and individual actions leading up to the disturbing outcomes have been overshadowed by sensational seeking and media attention pundits.  The last ten seconds of both tragedies have shaped the conversations, writings and actions.

As a result, the irresponsible media will continue to bring us images that bring distrust to all who are not like us.  A white guy can’t be trusted, black on black crime will continue unabated, young black people will continue to defy a police order and too many police will continue to abuse their powers of the badge.

I now understand that the drug companies and the media has shaped our perceptions of prescription drugs by only focusing on the last ten seconds.

A person dies from an overdose and we only recount the last ten seconds.  A person is given morphine after surgery and we marvel at the wonders of morphine for ten seconds.  A terminal patient’s last minutes are remembered by the peace the oxycodone or morphine brought them to the end.  The last ten seconds of death was peaceful thanks to the narcotics.

For over 5000 years the opium plant has helped kill millions of people and recently overdose deaths are over 30,000 individuals yearly.  Our ability to only think critically about the last ten seconds continues the charade of the legal prescription narcotics.  Our ten second snapshots of positive outcomes from the deadly drugs has clouded all rational thinking about preventing millions of future addictions and tens of thousands of deaths.  A “ten second” interview with a “pain patient” shapes our future policy on chronic pain policies.  The history of the patient’s growing dependency on the legal narcotics and family ramifications is completely ignored.

The think tanks of Pharma know and understand our inability to think past the last ten seconds.  The opioids are a dangerous psychologically and physically altering class of drugs.  In addition to the mental effects, the secondary side effects of the opioids is immediate pain relief.

Our inability to critically think past the last ten seconds of immediate pain relief will continue to doom millions to future addiction and tens of thousands to homelessness and death.

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From the week of August 31 – A Milestone Article in Tampa

Special note for the Tampa Tribune article Sunday, “FLORIDA HEALS FROM PILL MILL EPIDEMIC” http://tbo.com/news/crime/florida-heals-from-pill-mill-epidemic-20140830/

Elaine Silvestrini, of the Tampa paper, displayed that the journalists are beginning to understand the drug epidemic.  The masterful and diabolical marketing of “pain management” with Pharma’s help is slowly being revealed.

Silvestrini shared the history of Florida and it’s sorry past with pill mills.  Although Silvestrini did not delve deeply into the accomplices that were Pharma and the drug stores, she created a better understanding for the uninitiated on the major conduit for the street distribution that was taking place in Florida.

The article gave the history and growth of pill mills in Florida and the efforts put forth by law enforcement and the DEA.  Millions of pills were reaching the streets courtesy of pharmaceutical manufacturers, doctors and pharmacies.  A summary of the recently reduced deaths was properly recognized by Silvestrini and reported on.

My hope is that Silvestrini’s article brings more research and expansion on her breakthrough article.  Silvestrini exposed the hoax of pain management in the pill mill environment, but she still gave a pass to the too many licensed charlatan’s who get people hooked on four to six oxycodone containing pills a day with no hope for future improvement in their health.

The pain charlatans have gotten smarter.  They realize that as little as a few pills of oxycodone, mixed in with some benzodiazepine pills, neuropathic pills, psychotropic pills and a sleeping pill to end the day will create a loyal and dedicated monthly patient visit.  Fortunately, the person will remain alive, but have little hope of ever improving physically while on the cocktail of drugs.

Silvestrini’s article is an article I hope other journalists read.  My hope is more reporting will be forthcoming on the silence from the Medical Board and Pharmacy Board in Florida and beyond.  Articles better understanding the complicity of our state legislators and, in particular in Florida, why a former governor was silent as the pill mills prospered and grew.

The FDA’s complicity creating the moniker “safe as prescribed” for the opioids as thousands become addicted and die needs to be explored and questioned.

The journalist’s have many more opportunities for articles covering a period in history that could be labeled “genocide from prescription drugs”.

My ultimate goal is “not safe as prescribed” for the legal narcotics.

The genocide didn’t happen and continue by accident. I am pleased that Elaine Silvestrini has made a monumental step for a basis of reporting on so many needless deaths.

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