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설립자입니다.사실 중세 그리스도인들에게 그것은

훌륭한 축구 선수이기도합니다.나는 우리 부엌에 술을 붓고 그들을 데리고 나옵니다.설문 조사에 따르면 소비자들은 쇼핑몰을 자주 방문하여 호주에서 식사를하는 것으로 나타났습니다.그래서 나는 적어도 50 년 더 일하게됩니다.내가 원하는 바입니다.’Liss는 미소를 지으며 고개를 끄덕였다.의미, 당신은 파스타 접시를 만들고, 장과, 브로콜리 또는 시금치를 … Continue reading

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From the 12/11 Show – David S. Craig and St. Pete Times – Racial Bias Revealed

The radio show has long lamented the ignorance my local newspaper continues to display regarding the growing drug epidemic. The home of the St. Pete Times, Pinellas County, has the highest reported drug related deaths in Florida While the … Continue reading

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From the 12/4 Show – Gray Swoope – Assignment – Save Florida

Almost two weeks ago an article revealed Florida’s President and CEO of Enterprise Florida, Gray Swoope.  To this radio show host, Gray Swoope has been a well kept secret in our state. Swoope has been in his job as “Florida Job Czar” … Continue reading

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From the 11/27 Show – A Higher Standard of Care for Bartenders Than Doctors

A milestone show again Sunday night. Florida State Representative Jim Frishe started out the show with me. It appears the silence from our elected officials is being broken. It was evident and refreshing that Rep Frishe clearly understood the scope … Continue reading

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From the 11/20 Show – Legitimate Patient Defined (Denial) and the Price of OxyContin

Two major topics come to mind this week. Last week’s blog explained the creation of “legitimate use”, legitimate prescription”, “legitimate doctor”, and “legitimate patient”. The word legitimate has been a catch word created by the masterminds of pharmaceutical marketing. On … Continue reading

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