From the 10/1 Show – Tampa Bay Bucs, Greg Schiano and Josh Freeman Get Sacked

After a dismal 2013 start for the NFL Tampa Bay Bucs, and diminishing results on the field dating back to last year, Josh Freeman was replaced as the starting quarterback last week.
The local and national pundits have either blamed coach Greg Schiano for poor leadership or Josh Freeman for falling short on personal responsibility after revelations were revealed last week that have Freeman on amphetamines.

It can be assumed that Schiano’s career with the Bucs may be shortened with his second year in control starting so poorly.  At the age of 25, Freeman may be washed up as an NFL quarterback unless he can get the proper mental health counseling.

Ironically, the real villain is getting a pass (pun not intended) on the real cause of what is creating serious repercussions for both Schiano and Freeman.  The incredibly poor mental health system that legally put Freeman on the amphetamines has not been discussed.

Freeman, in good faith, went to a doctor for help and came out with addictive, physically altering and dangerous drugs that are now jeopardizing his career.  As has happened to millions of people in this country, Freeman put his trust in doctors who have put people on mind altering substances that create withdrawal and physiological changes that take an individual along a negative path over time.

Freeman is experiencing the myth of long term amphetamine usage from the revenue producing diagnosis of ADHD.  There is no player who could perform to NFL standards with the daily ups and downs regular amphetamine use will bring for a demanding sport.

Like millions before Freeman, he has become victim of a broken and corrupt mental health care system.  Schiano has been dealt an unfair situation in his first two years of coaching in the NFL while the drug companies and drug dealing doctors quietly continue business as usual.

Amphetamines are called “performance enhancing drugs” because of the feeling a person will get with occasional usage.  There is no way a person can perform optimally daily if given a high dose daily.  Higher and increasing doses of amphetamines creates addiction!

The radio show sends its condolences to Josh Freeman because he sincerely believed in and followed an incompetent doctor’s advice.  The doctor(s) have jeopardized a young man’s future and career.

My sympathies go to Coach Greg Schiano because few in the media and beyond understand the audible he has been faced with since he became the coach.  Schiano is up against a Teflon coated mental health system that has put him in a difficult situation few coaches are prepared for.

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