From the 10/15 Show – Kennesaw State and The Jeremy Leo Letalien Scholarship Fund

On Tuesday night, Cathy and Paul Letalien from Acworth, Georgia were my guests.  We lost their son, Jeremy, in January.  Cathy and Paul effectively shared the tragedy and pain a family continues to endure after a child is lost.

Over the years I have met and heard from many parents who have lost so dearly.  The reactions to the loss run from quietly coping and moving on with their lives to some families stepping forward and dedicating their time to helping others understand how to prevent more tragedies from occurring.

It may appear unfair to single out the Letalien family for the efforts they are putting forward, however, Paul and Cathy have embraced the radio show and understand how we can work together to help educate families on the marketing, selling and distribution of drugs to our children.

Cathy and Paul have introduced me to the Kennesaw State Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery (CYAAR)   Last July Assistant Dean and Director of Student Success Services, Dr. Bob Maddox, introduced us to CYAAR as a radio guest.

The person who directly heads up the CYAAR program is Teresa Johnston.  With Teresa’s direction, Cathy and Paul have created The Jeremy Leo Letalien Scholarship Fund to directly help a student attempting to stay on the road to recovery.

The Kennesaw State University CYAAR program is in the forefront of understanding addiction and recovery.  The Letalien family understands the pain of “wishing they knew more” before we lost Jeremy before his 25th birthday.  The radio show understands the marketing and selling of addictive products before a person’s first experience.

The success of educating North America on the growing drug culture will take a collaborative effort.  Cathy and Paul Letalien are the first family I have met who understands the entire concept of what has to be done.  The combination of Teresa Johnston, Dr. Bob Maddox, CYAAR and the Letalien’s are going to be a driving force for the Kennesaw State University community.

The radio show is grateful to have learned about what is happening at Kennesaw State.  The radio show is grateful to have met Cathy and Paul Letalien and letting more know about the Jeremy Leo Scholarship Fund.  The radio show is grateful for the support Cathy and Paul have given the radio program.

Cathy and Paul have a vision to be admired and shared.

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