From the 10/16 Show – PT Barnum Had it Right

PT Barnum is credited with the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute”. It appears to this radio show host that The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) is keeping Barnum’s memory alive. A spokesperson for the group of drug mavens is advocating for the education of physicians of opioid medications (aka narcotics). This is tantamount to suggesting the local heroin and meth dealers undergo continuing education to understand the mental, psychological and physical effects from the products they sell. The pain management doctors who hook their patients on a thirty day office visit have the same scruples as the heroin dealer who protects their street corner.

It intrigues me that the American public and media misses that the good old fashion opium plant continues to be used to create a medically based story of unimaginable proportions. In Guy Taylor’s recent article Philip Prior says it best: “They’ve launched this massive lobbying effort to promote prescription narcotics to treat everything. What the pharmaceutical companies have managed to do with narcotics over the last 20 years is essentially addict a large portion of our population through devious means.”

When the doctor in the civil war used morphine on the battle field, they didn’t need continuing education to understand its power. The narcotics continue to have their place in medicine for valid uses, but in much less proportion than the present distribution taking place.

The power and effects from the opium poppy has not changed in 5000 years and for a group of charlatans in white coats to concoct a story on a product any high school student could learn about in an afternoon attacks my comprehension. Concocting justification for products that continue to defy the drug maven and drug cartel rhetoric remains a mystery to me. Tens of thousands dead, millions addicted, tens of millions of family members and friends affected and the majority of the population continue to believe; “safe as prescribed”.

For many my words are radical. As our political leaders continue to succumb to the illogical and powerful lobbying of the legal drug cartels the prescription drug epidemic will continue to grow.

I hope PT Barnum was not referring to our elected officials who continue to remain silent.

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  1. Ian says:

    We have a septic sseytm and have to recycle everything we can and burn our garbage that’s left. It’s not an optimal situation, but that’s what happens in our area. Every time I clean out the medicine cabinet, I bring the leftover medicine to a pharmacy. Trying a new one every time, they all say wither we can’t take it or we just throw it in the garbage.We farm and feed our chickens organic feed, it’s bad enough that we have to burn our garbage, but I’m not going to flush them so they end up back in our well. I’m not going to throw them away, so I can burn them and have whatever results from that get back to our drinking water. So I then throw them in the garbage of whatever store refused to take them. Once again it’s not an optimal sseytm, but I’m not going to have it fall on my property. They should have a sseytm for disposal. I’m still trying to find a place to take all the old batteries from the last few years!

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