From the 10/16 Show – “The Jennifer Act” and Brad Pitt

The radio show has been fortunate to have met many amazing people in the journey to bring greater awareness to the growing drug culture in our country.  The radio show has connected with public and elected officials, authors, writers, affected family members, and many experts concerning the drug issue.  The BanOxyContin petition continues to receive signatures and comments every week.  Orders for the BanOxyContin bracelets are received weekly.

As the rich and politicians remain silent to the epidemic, and redeem their support from Pharma, the radio show gets its strength and resolve from those who understand the devastation that our country is experiencing from the FDA mantra of “safe as prescribed”.  Tens of thousands are being harmed and “safe as prescribed” remains as American as apple pie.  Every Banoxycontin bracelet sold is a reminder that the radio show message is being heard.

The lunacy in our country has gotten beyond comprehension. As heroin use increases in our suburban youth and powerful drugs become more prevalent in every high school, the press gives credence to a marijuana smoking actor who proclaims “The War on Drugs is a Failure”,0,3737492.story   The money machine for distribution of both legal and illegal narcotics has a celebrity face to promulgate misrepresentations and ignorance.

On Tuesday night, Sharon and Andy Blair joined me in studio. They are working diligently to promote The Jennifer Act.   It is evident that Brad Pitt doesn’t have a clue what addiction does to an individual and family.  It is evident that Brad Pitt and the money machine of drug distribution doesn’t care what happens to families of loved ones in the grips of addiction.  It is evident that the media remains uninformed within the cloud of smoke created by the drug mavens bringing as much addictive product as possible to your child.

As adults we are failing our children.  The radio show is about education, education, education and prevention.  I urge you to support The Jennifer Act moving into the future and upcoming legislative sessions around the country.

The Jennifer Act is needed to help a family help a loved one. A concept Brad Pitt and Hollywood have a hard time grasping.

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