From the 10/22 Show – What Has Congress Done For You Lately

In 1965, Daniel Moynihan predicted that the continued deterioration of the black family did not bode well for the future of black America.    Those who watch Fox News quickly cite the current statistics that over 70% of black women giving birth are single.   When Moynihan wrote his article in 1965, it was estimated that about 25% of black families were headed up by a woman.

A sociological review on how “black culture” has evolved over the last 50 years is not my intent.  My intent is that America should understand that the cultural divide has widened between the races and what is in the future for every community in America.

The number of babies being born by single mothers is increasing for all races in this country.   Moynihan’s crystal ball is needed again.

There were two major factors that brought drugs into the black communities that has helped foster the human and economic devastation.  A lack of economic opportunity AND the creation of a distribution point for drugs from the black community was politically acceptable.

Drugs do not create the problems!  Drugs are a consequence of poverty, a lack of economic opportunity, a lack of education about drugs and parasitic leadership that prospers from the increased drug distribution (i.e., Congress, business, law enforcement, judicial, Pharma, etc).

Times are changing:

On Tuesday night I stated the recent statistics on childhood poverty (over 50% in 17 states), the unemployment rate of our youth (six million) and the recent paltry jobs increase (148,000).

The lack of economic opportunity and the silence from our leaders is bringing an increase of all categories of drugs into every community.  The deterioration that took place in the minority communities is happening in many more communities, regardless of race.

The same silence that watched the black communities deteriorate is being repeated throughout North America.  Every police chief in the country can tell you what drugs are doing to their community.

This week thousands will be mourning the loss of my Congressional Representative.  While I sympathize for the immediate family members, my wrath of this Congressman’s silence while thousands died from drug overdoses in this county while the pill mills proliferated prevents me from any remorse from the loss of his “leadership” in Washington.

While our Congress play the political games and the media remain puppets to the nonsense, our youth and communities are slowing deteriorating from the lack of economic opportunities.

Unfortunately, our minority communities have offered us the learning curve.

The fiddler continues to play.

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