From the 10/23 Show – “Lock Your Medicine Cabinet” – How Stupid Have We Gotten

An ingenious promotional campaign supported by the drug companies and every phony organization who professes to “stop drug abuse” continues to roll forward. Most visibly this week is the efforts by NOPE to hold a national vigil day for loved ones lost. This radio show host has proven his commitment to the families who have lost so dearly.

I think it is outrageous to create an event to take advantage of grieving loved ones and families. NOPE supports “lock your medicine cabinet” It is unbelievable to me that people who have lost a loved one are being utilized to further the drug companies message.

The most important goal for the drug mavens is to continue having people believe in the legitimacy of the product. How in heavens name can a drug be dangerous for a young person and not dangerous to an adult? Have we lost our collective thought and process for reasoning?

If a heroin equivalent is dangerous to your child, then how can one believe it is not dangerous to any individual? How can a child take the “lock your medicine cabinet” seriously when the adults continue to rationalize and make excuses for the dangerous and addictive products? The “lock your medicine cabinet” is a drug company’s dream come true. This week they have an army of grieving family members as an audience to the hypocrisy of the message.

The dangerous and deadly products are marketed to the adults. With over 60% of the related drug deaths in people over 35, it appears that NOPE has been effective in helping maintain the distribution of narcotics onto the streets. With the narcotic distribution increasing, the chances are greater the drugs will filter into our children’s hands. NOPE is welcome into our schools bearing the message “safe as prescribed” as we continue to lose a huge part of a younger generation to the lunacy of the over distribution of drugs to our streets.

The upside down logic continues to prevail as the money train behind the distribution of drugs continues. “Lock Your Medicine Cabinet” – Who is protecting the adults?

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