From the 10/29 Show – Pot and Weed – Can We Have an Honest Discussion

Within recent years special interests have spent millions of dollars promoting and lobbying for the legalization of marijuana.  Under the beginning guise of “medical marijuana”, the majority of the American public have indicated that it has become time to legalize the weed.

Over a number of years, pot has fallen into a “gray area of law enforcement”.  Although it remains illegal to possess it, few police officers have the desire or intent to arrest people for carrying a weed that you can grow in your back yard.  Few people have a desire to see pot smokers chased and handcuffed.

Those who want immediate legalization are spending millions of dollars promoting pot and zero dollars for research.  My hope is that the future of the weed begins to follow some critical discussion and thought.  The biggest offenders of using critical thought pertaining to marijuana is the news media.  Too many reporters have become gullible to the promotion.

Recently, my local paper had a commentary that supported the promotional campaign reiterating that “marijuana is less addictive and far less harmful than alcohol”.

The statistics do not support that pot is less harmful than alcohol!

The narrow argument that a person can overdose on alcohol and not marijuana appears to end the discussion for those who can’t think past what they see on the tip of their nose.

The 2012 Florida Medical Examiners report had 767 people dying from a drug or alcohol over dose that included pot in their bodies.  Statistically, more pot smokers are dying from overdoses than alcohol drinkers (just the facts).

The arrests rates for crimes committed with pot in the blood stream is higher than alcohol!

The potential addiction rate for pot competes with alcohol!

The increased rates of schizophrenia and violent crimes from long term use of pot continues to be discounted by the media.

An excellent article that lists “70 Reasons Why Life is Better Without a Heavy Marijuana Habit” should be read by every journalist.

Fact: They call it “pot, weed, junk, etc” for a reason.

The conversation has to change on marijuana.  The “medical marijuana” argument remains bogus as long as the police are not knocking down cancer patient’s doors.

Illegal or legal is not important to the radio show.  An increase of about 2.5 million daily pot smokers since 2007 in our country should be the concern.  As a family member suffers from the daily use of pot, how long will the news media continue to tell you that “marijuana is less addictive and far less harmful than alcohol”.

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