From the 10/8 Show – Addiction Medicine – Replacing Pain Management as the Next Frontier

The radio show has consistently been at the forefront of bringing awareness and education concerning the growing drug epidemic in our country.  When I started the radio show I revealed the charlatans within the “pain management” industry.  Today a pain management doctor is reviewed by many with the same esteem as elephant dung.

When the radio show started, Purdue Pharma was suing newspapers for writing negative stories about OxyContin.  The  site has garnered over 12,700 signatures and comments.  I carefully worded every sentence in the beginning.  It was rewarding to see the report Fox News did on the FDA.  In the piece, OxyContin was mentioned as a part of the growing number of overdose deaths.

Recently, Kitson made the decision to sell t-shirts and jerseys with “Adderall”, “ Vicodin”, or “Xanax” on the back.  The radio show revealed the disingenuous mission of Partnership at Drug  The Partnership is “outraged” by the t-shirts, but quietly accepts money from the narcotic manufacturers.  Where is the public outcry on Partnership’s complicit work with the people who manufacture enough to bring extra “legal” drugs to the streets?

On Tuesday night I made the prediction that “Addiction Medicine Doctors” will someday be looked upon with the same disgust as pain management doctors.  “Addiction Medicine” is becoming the new hoax in medicine today.  In fact, many pain management doctors are taking the eight hour course in order to legally dispense Suboxone.  Suboxone has become the newest hook for a monthly office fee.  From my experience, few doctors encourage their patients to move to a drug free and healthier lifestyle.

The newest “specialty” of medicine will be creating the “dual diagnosis”.  Dual diagnosis is another economic opportunity everybody will be paying for at the expense of those who need honest and caring help.  It is ludicrous to believe “Addiction Medicine” will bring help to people with a “five minute office call and prescriptions” for more dependency.

Additionally, we have an onslaught of marketing and selling negative substances to our children.  This New York Times article indicated the growing diagnosis of ADHD.

Most of the organizations concerned about “drug abuse” are missing the point.

We have a society that believes giving chemicals to our children is perfectly acceptable and then we question why drugs are becoming a bigger problem in every community.  The measured silence from most organizations should be questioned.

The nationally driven response to Kitson encouraged from the Pharma funded Partnership and the silence of drugging our children into zombies has been created by the masterful marketing from Pharma.  Parents are being used to create the culture of drugs for our youth before they reach 12 years old and Pharma takes over from there.  Addiction Medicine will be at the end of the spectrum.

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