From the 11/12 Show – Manatee Memorial Hospital Needs to be Educated

The radio show’s mission is education, education, education. While the vast majority exploit and prosper from North America’s growing drug problem, the radio show stays on course for education.

Speaking of “North America”, the media has enjoyed exploiting the beleaguered Toronto Mayor this week for his revelations on cocaine use.  While role model daytime show host Jerry Springer discusses the Mayor on a National Network (Dr. Drew), the radio show reminds people that the Mayor could be an example of cocaine’s insidious lure for too many people.  The radio show is not interested in the opinion of an individual who makes his living utilizing dysfunctional people, but understanding better how successful people allow substance misuse to creep into their lives.

The radio show is also at times given an example of how much further we need to go with educating the medical establishment.  Last week WWSB ABC 7, located in Sarasota, Fl covered an alarming story.  In a recent seven day stretch in Manatee County, Florida there were a reported thirteen overdose cases with seven ending in death. Heroin was the suspected culprit in most of the deaths.

Channel 7 interviewed Doctor Teresa Rawe, the emergency room director at Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton, Fl.  Dr. Rawe, in part, said: “by taking a drug that was their choice as opposed to a heart attack that wasn’t someone’s choice is really difficult for us to understand”.

The overdose victims ranged in age from 16 to 42.  The cavalier attitude the doctor displayed toward young people struggling to move forward with their lives on a positive path should be addressed by the hospital.  From the short interview displayed, it appears Manatee Memorial Hospital is clueless on the misuse of drugs and the challenge of addiction.

With the increasing numbers of legal addictive drugs being manufactured and distributed to every community, it appears that Dr. Rawe does not understand the complicity in the negative outcomes and deaths from narcotics the medical profession has been responsible for.

Dr. Rawe’s medical colleagues are distributing narcotics at ever increasing numbers and she doesn’t appear to understand the addictive qualities of the legal drugs that lead too many people into heroin.

May I suggest contacting Universal Health Services located in Pennsylvania, the owners of Manatee Memorial Hospital. Call 610-768-3300 and cordially ask for the CEO, Alan Miller or President Marc Miller.  Leave a message letting them know that Manatee Hospital has been portrayed by Dr. Rawe negatively and we hope her attitude toward loved one’s affected by addiction is not reflective of the entire Universal Health Services Corporation.  They own twenty three hospitals.

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  1. Laura Tanksley says:

    Larry – I remember Rawe making that statement. I was recently looking for a link to the news story to use in a power point presentation for the Master’s program at USF. What I stumbled upon while seeking out the story, was Dr Rawe’s mugshot – having been arrested in May of 2014 in Tampa for DUI over 0.15. Unbelievable that she would make such a statement to begin with, when she herself is obviously struggling with her own demons.

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