From the 11/13 Show – Purdue Pharma, OxyContin, Fortune Magazine and The Foot Soldiers

The November 21st issue of Fortune Magazine reiterated the statistics for the growing opium epidemic and elicited comments from Purdue Pharma employees. It appears that with Fortune’s connection to business they decided to contend with creating fairness for Purdue.

Fortune made it clear that we are a country with a growing opioid problem, but fell short on Purdue Pharma’s complicity for the continued growth of the problem affecting every community in America. This radio show host considers Purdue to be the most dastardly managed company in America and creating any sense of fairness for Purdue is the equivalent of giving the mass murderer equal comments when writing about the grieving families. Fortune completely missed the emotional response created in many family members who believe OxyContin was the beginning of the end of a loved one’s life or downfall.

Fortune, like all previous articles that have included OxyContin, missed the ingenious marketing Purdue has created. Purdue has created “legitimacy” for a product interchangeable with heroin on the streets. If your doctor would offer you heroin for your back pain the answer would be no. However, Purdue has created a doctor who offers you a substance with side effects the same as heroin and you say yes! Every week I ask about the logic in this interaction? Every week I ask why a heroin substitute is dangerous in the medicine cabinet for a teen ager and not the adult?

“Legitimate patient”, “legitimate prescription”, “legitimate use” and “legitimate doctor” has been created ad nauseam surrounding OxyContin and the related opioid class of drugs. The media and intelligent people from all areas have fallen for the ruse. Doctors, pharmacists, reporters, policeman, academia and grieving family members have been given the “expertise” to comment on the legitimate patient. There remains no logical response or long term studies on who should be a victim to the devastating effects emotionally, physically and psychologically from long term use that is evident in every personal observation or statistic created from OxyContin and the opioids.

The Fortune article referred to Purdue hiring retired police officers to hold seminars on drug abuse. In other words, respected members of our community have become foot soldiers for the fairy tale created surrounding the word legitimate. In my local county; more egregious is having family members who have lost loved ones stand before high school students and defend the legitimacy of the drug that was part of their child’s death.

This radio show continues to wait for the American media to understand the ingenious marketing behind OxyContin and an entire class of opium related drugs. “Not safe as prescribed” and “just say no to your doctor” until we educate the press and business to help reveal the greatest hoax in our lifetime. Foot soldiers beware!

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