From the 11/18 Show – Health Clubs in America Are Not Exercising Their Muscle

We live in a dynamic country in which money drives the majority of decisions.  Nobody has created a marketing initiative that has been able to compete with the marketing and influence from the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical, medical and insurance establishment.  The businessman and taxpayer continually allow themselves to be locked out of a closed system of rising costs, poor health decisions, and medical destruction that continually increases every year.  The health club industry is not exercising their collective muscles.

The latest economic numbers indicate health insurance rates will rise again for the average American worker with few added benefits.   Health care costs continually increase for business yearly and the worker is being forced to take on a greater share of the costs.  

It is time for the Health Club industry to flex their muscles and approach business and the taxpayer.  People who exercise, eat properly, and keep their weight under control clearly use less in medical services.  Individuals who take fewer drugs and strive for the better mental health exercise and a healthy lifestyle bring create fewer medical costs.

It is long overdue to create incentives for a trip to the local health club instead of a trip to the doctor’s office.   With a health club membership around $40 or $50 a month, it would be cheaper for an insurance company to pay for a monthly membership to a health club than a doctor’s visit and the accompanying prescriptions.

With a combination of economic incentives on the employee and the prospect of an employer saving money on overall health care costs the Health Club industry needs to get creative in tapping into the enormous opportunity of shifting the health care expenditures from the doctor’s office to the gym.  Health care costs are about $2.5 trillion. 

A big warm “American (Economic) Pie” is sitting in front of the Health Club industry.  It is time for the health club industry to get off of the couch.

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  1. Radiofanette says:

    I am amazed at the difficulties that impede a healthy lifestyle…healthy foods costs much more than preserved, fat and calorie laden foods; bicycle paths lead to no-where forcing us to drive to our necessary destinations; alternative remedies (accupunture, massage, bio-feedback) are not covered by insurance; and preceeding all of these is the overriding cultural belief that we need a magic pill to cure our ills.

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