From the 11/19 Show – An Amazing Disconnect

The radio show regularly asks how an issue that affects every person in North America has been silenced.  Everyone reading this knows someone who has been affected by the misuse of drugs, either legal or illegal.  Families have been devastated economically and emotionally.  The deaths continue to be counted as mere statistics.

The number of people in prison that include drugs as part of the crime is unacceptable.  Every state and city leader remains silent on the destruction they see from substance misuse and church leaders remain silent as the pleas from families for help regularly knock on their door.

The Pew Research Center recently put out an amazing study that indicates the American public understands the scope of the problem:  “When it comes to mental illness, just 19% say the nation is making progress in dealing with the disease while 16% say it is making progress on prescription drug abuse.”

The FDA continues to approve new deadly narcotics for adults and the onslaught of pouring drugs down our children’s throats under the auspices of medicine continue forward unabated.  The next deadly mass murder by someone who has been treated under the umbrella of “mental health” is not if, but when.

Recently the Harvard Medical School Health Publication published that “97% of users don’t have a problem with opioids”

This is an exemplary example that special interests have completely taken over the selling and distribution of legal narcotics to our streets using misleading information from the entities we have been brought up to trust.

This blog is written with consternation and disbelief.  We allow the misinformation about dangerous drugs that are destroying families and cost this country billions of dollars to continue forward knowing they are not true.  The business leaders and public leaders who have control over stopping the expenditures for what the vast majority of people know to be true remain silent.

If it was only money, I would stop the radio show.  Lives continue to be lost and families destroyed due to our disconnect with reality and the misleading information from the legal drug manufacturers who apparently control the FDA.

When are leaders who are affected by the disconnect going to step forward and support the only radio show in North America that is talking about it?

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2 Responses to From the 11/19 Show – An Amazing Disconnect

  1. Janice Spring says:

    This issue is so complex; I wish I had the answers. Money is obviously driving the distribution of legal narcotics. I can’t explain why the FDA/DEA allows this to continue and why they continue to approve even more formulations like the recent approval of Zohydro (corruption & money again comes to mind, but I believe only at the very top & this comment is not directed toward those DEA Agents on the streets who now have to put their lives on the line to clean up this problem). I believe stigma is why more families don’t come forward to share their stories so we can see the true scope of this issue and have a better concept of the death toll. In Manatee County, we can’t even find out how many victims of OD were Manatee County School students at the time of their deaths; privacy is given as the reason. I know one. My son was a student when he died of an accidental overdose.


    April Rovero is a very sharp lady lost a son Joey to scripts, very well connected legislatively here I California. She would make a great a great interview.

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