From the 11/20 Show – Canadian Health Minister and FDA Commissioner Both Inept

The radio show lamented on the misgivings of both the failings of the Canadian Health Minister and the Commissioner of the FDA.  In the same week, Leona Aglukkaq came out with a dangerous and ludicrous edict supporting the reintroduction of the old OxyContin formulation (aka Hillbilly Heroin)  and Margaret Hamburg defended the indefensible in front of Congress trying to convince America that the FDA was not responsible for the reported 34 recent deaths and 490 non fatal cases of fungal meningitis stemming from the NECC pharmacy in Massachusetts.  Previous FDA inspections revealed unsanitary conditions and improper record keeping.  The issues at NECC dated back to 2002 with the eventual outcome of people dying and others becoming deathly sick.

The people in Canada are facing another onslaught of an opium product in their communities.  It appears Pharma has the same influence in Canada as in the United States.

The reports of people dying and the damage from products the FDA and Health Canada supposedly regulates continue to mount.  The leaders make excuses for the destruction and wait for the next world calamity to overshadow their misdeeds.

The radio show understands reality.  Pharma runs the FDA and Health Canada and dictates to Congress and the Canadian Government how they are going to react to the deaths being created from the “safe as prescribed” stamp of approval.

The radio show doesn’t understand why the lack of outrage.  A mass murderer who killed 34 people would be in the news for weeks and every phase of the trial would be covered.  The police chief who was in charge while the potential murderer was on the streets would be forced to resign.

The silence continues to be baffling.  The stories of economic and human destruction continues onward and business, industry, media, and community leaders continue to open up their pocket books to support the economic damage.

On the radio show Tuesday night, I asked how many people would allow their child to take an antidepressant if they knew about the 18 year old young man who hung himself shortly after starting the drug?

I am tired of paying for the ineptness, both emotionally and economically, our leaders are allowing from the monopoly of the one sided information from Pharma.

How much is the decision from the Health Minister in Canada, with the blessings of Pharma and Parliament, going to cost every community in Canada with the increased influx of Hillbilly Heroin to North America?

How long are we going to accept the excuses in America from the leaders of the FDA as our loved ones die and our pocket books get picked.

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