From the 11/20 Show – Legitimate Patient Defined (Denial) and the Price of OxyContin

Two major topics come to mind this week. Last week’s blog explained the creation of “legitimate use”, legitimate prescription”, “legitimate doctor”, and “legitimate patient”. The word legitimate has been a catch word created by the masterminds of pharmaceutical marketing.

On Sunday night, the radio show explained what a legitimate patient is. The legitimate patient is the person who trustingly goes to their doctor looking for help with a painful condition. The doctor, “in their wisdom”, puts the person on a regimented dose of a hydrocodone or oxycodone containing product. To the person’s credit, they become “legitimized” by not taking more than the doctor prescribed.

As the physical, psychological and emotional effects from the opioid continues to become a factor in the person’s life, they slowly reach the reality that they will suffer severe withdrawal, pain and emotional effects from the discontinuation of the narcotic. The reality of what the narcotic is doing to them moves into the realm of denial.

The legitimate patient becomes a soldier for the drug companies in their denial phase. The drug mavens have convinced the legitimate patients suffering from the legal narcotics and in denial that people want to take their drugs from them (A.K.A. – A radio show). The myth of the legitimate patient is a powerful force in continuing the unhindered proliferation of an uneducated media and future patients.

Educating the public will prevent many from falling into the black hole narcotics create.

It was reported that the price of OxyContin has dropped on the street by 28% from last year to present. is apparently directly or indirectly associated with Purdue Pharma. The information on recent OxyContin pricing was presented to imply that the street demand is less for the newest version of OxyContin.

The reality is that oxycodone is oxycodone. With the easy ability to heat the OP OxyContin in the oven, the price for OxyContin is now on a level with the instant release oxycodone products. The reduced price of the OxyContin should frighten every person, business head, and community leader in our country. Prices are based on supply and demand. The lower the price, the greater the supply!

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