From the 11/26 Show – The Holiday Season Brings Hope

As the Thanksgiving week end meals digest, mixed signals about the Holiday Season will prevail until the religious messages are finally delivered.

Personally, I turn on the Holiday music on Thanksgiving and listen until Christmas day. I enjoy the message of joy, hope and tradition each song brings.

I am too self indulgent to enjoy the spirit of the shopping crowds and the joy of togetherness long lines and sold out store specials bring.  The frenzy between Thanksgiving and Christmas in our shopping places is a unique human experience the zoo animals can only stare in consternation at.  The anticipation and emotions the Black Friday ads bring contradicts God’s plan for the Creationists and should make those who believe in evolution wonder where the human race is heading.

We are a mixture of brilliance, logic, emotions and bad habits. The radio show remains education, education, education and for the next four weeks, HOPE.  I remain optimistic we can get this done.

The reality is that we have too many legal and illegal drugs that are hurting millions.  The numbers discussed Tuesday night on the radio show indicate the drugging of the children continues to escalate.  The incarceration rates linked to drug possession, crimes committed directly related to drugs, crimes committed while on drugs and the crime of selling drugs illegally continues to increase.  The number of children being damaged from drug related home environments are too many and food stamp money spent on drugs is a sad commentary for our communities.  The health insurance rates continue to increase from costs directly related to the increasing distribution of drugs to our homes and streets.

The number of military veterans being drugged courtesy of our VA hospitals remains criminal.  The strongest among us are quietly being silenced and shoved aside from the cocktail of mind altering drugs being delivered by our Government.  This is an astonishing development in our military and for the historians to ponder in future years.

Message of Hope for 2013:

My hope for the season is that a few minutes will be spent understanding “safe as prescribed” will be changed to “not safe as prescribed” for the drugs that are destroying individuals and families.

I hope the drugging of our Veterans stops and rational alternatives become the norm.

I hope that more compassion is shown to the mentally ill and drugs are stopped being used to shove them aside.

I hope the mental health care system is redefined in order to stop the next mass murder in our country.

I hope the children who are affected from drug misuse in the home are properly taken care of and their parents receive the help they need.

I hope the pain patients understand they need to get off of the “legal” drugs before they have any hope of a future and happy life ahead.

I hope our leaders change the felony laws so a person has a chance for greater job opportunities after rehabilitation and sobriety is achieved.

I hope the drugging of our children stops.

For this Holiday season, your hopes are welcome under my comments.

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