From the 1/14 Show – SHORT NOTICE – STOPPNOW.COM

It is impossible to count all the websites and organizations dedicated to drug misuse and addiction.  Sadly, almost all are dedicated to fostering the misconceptions of drug misuse (notice the word “misuse”) and supporting the money train created from the manufacture to addiction treatment.  Too many sites have been created to foster “safe as prescribed” and work closely with established entities who prosper from the status quo.

Reality check:  The drug distribution is growing in our communities and the major anti-drug organizations are ineffective at best, and, at worst, in partnership with entities that prosper from the growing drug fiasco.

The  has garnered over 12,800 signers and comments, the most of any site concerned about drug misuse.  However, there has not been one major organization that has embraced the message of the banoxy site.  The radio show remains ignored by those who claim to care about drug misuse and deaths.  The radio show and banoxy site run contrary to the money interests that drive the conversation and increasing distribution of drugs to our communities and children.

However, one organization stands out!  STOPPNOW.COM is the real deal and located in South Florida.  Tomorrow, January 17 Stoppnow  will be holding another peaceful protest in front of a pain management clinic in Ft Lauderdale, Fl.  STOPPNOW has no special interests supporting their efforts.

STOPPNOW has been holding demonstrations in front of pain clinics for about three years and receives little recognition.  Please become more aware of STOPPNOW and their mission.

The next time you hear from an organization that professes they care about the drug distribution, ask them their thoughts about the banoxy petition, a radio show in Florida or the efforts of the STOPPNOW organization that is attempting to stop the pill mill distribution.

I hope a “aha moment” from those who have been duped from the selected messages of most anti-drug organizations.

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