From the 11/5 Show – Colonoscopy or Your Congressperson

On Tuesday night, I wish all could have heard the anonymous caller asking for help concerning his close friends prescription drug addiction, the email I received from a “legitimate patient” defending his 480 mg of oxycodone a day and the discussion of the ACLU supporting Bibles in prison, but not the schools.  However, Tuesday night’s show managed to bring more laughter than most shows.

I started with sharing my perplexity on why the major news organizations from all members of the media seek out members of Congress for interviews.  The most recent polls indicate Congress does not merit an overall approval rating above 10%.  The disgust and distaste for Congress is growing.  But, the media continues to interview them and give them respect.

The old adage: “you can tell they are lying, because their lips are moving” has never been more appropriate for today’s Congressional leaders.

It appears the major media has not taken the poll created by PUBLIC POLICY POLLING seriously.

The Public Policy Poll indicates that Americans have a higher opinion of hemorrhoids, dog poop, toe nail fungus, cockroaches, the IRS, witches, zombies and pot holes than Congress.  The Poll gains validity by also indicating Congress is more favorable than Miley Cyrus, Charles Manson, Anthony Weiner, and Vladimir Putin.

On June 12 last year the radio show created a PRWEB Press release requesting people to contact various Congressman, including Representative Fred Upton from Michigan.  The request was to encourage Congress to limit the distribution of Hydrocodone products.

In hindsight, the effort didn’t have a prayer.

It was recently reported in the New York Times that Upton received “nearly $300,000″ from drug industry campaign contributions and as the Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee stopped further legislation on Hydrocodone.

It can be argued that Congress has always been dictated by special interests and money.  However, past generations somehow balanced the “greed factor” with better public policy.

The present Congress is making a mockery of what our founding fathers created for the future.  The adulation from the media and public needs to stop.

“Write Your Congressman”!!!!!   “Meet With Your Congressman”!!!!

We have been brainwashed into believing the solution is “write your Congressman” or “meet with your Congressman”.

The reality: send or bring a $300,000 check if you want your Congressman to listen to you.

Or share this blog with your friends and neighbors to the new reality and ask why the media bothers to interview someone before they ask who their contributors are?

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