From the 1/15 Show – Ron Paul and Rand Paul – “Like Father, Like Son”

Pinellas County, Florida lost a 19-year old to drugs last week. Another death from a “legal product”.   The damages from the designer drugs continues to increase.

The challenge for the radio show is trying to understand why most adults don’t know and understand the products being sold to our young people on the streets. The designer drugs have been sold freely as “bath salts” and “plant foods” and have the ability to create dangerous mind altering experiences. Every parent should be outraged that the ability to obtain the designer drugs from the local convenience store or head shop continues. Every parent should be knowledgeable of what is available to their child on the street.

Fortunately, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and many state leaders around the country have recognized the dangers of the designer drugs. The DEA has made many of the drugs illegal and many states (Florida included) has pushed for official legislation.

The designer drugs offer a challenge because when a specific chemical entity is made illegal, another chemical replaces it on the shelves that the government has not had a chance to address.

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed legislation to both make the existing designer drugs illegal and help the DEA remove future designer drugs more quickly. This is a common sense measure to help protect individuals from personal damage, families from burying their loved ones, and communities from paying for the collateral damage from the drugs.

It is astonishing to this radio show host that the U.S. Senate has not passed the final legislation that would remove the dangerous and absolutely unnecessary designer drugs from the local store shelves.

According to news reports, it is one lone Senator that is holding up the legislation. It is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul.

It is widely reported on Rand Paul’s father: Ron Paul’s inane stance on “The War on Drugs”. With 70% of the drug deaths and majority of the community’s problems from legal drugs in our country, the experiment on “legalization” is clear. We lost a 19 year old young man this week because an unnecessary product was on a store shelf.

Rand Paul, apparently following in his illogical father’s footsteps, has decided that destruction and deaths from unnecessary products makes sense.

What makes it more incomprehensible is Rand Paul is listed as a medical doctor. A sad commentary on the medical compatriots that remain silent on Rand Paul’s uncaring decision.

Ron Paul is also listed as a doctor. Like father, like son?

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