From the 11/6 Show – DEA Compliant with “Standards of Negligence”

My thanks to Guy Taylor for joining me Sunday night. Guy recently had published an outstanding expose on the lack of oversight the DEA has had on the growing distribution of legal narcotics and the growing prescription drug fiasco in our country. Guy wrote: “As abuse mounted, DEA boosted painkiller supply” While many of our dedicated DEA agents continue to risk their lives attempting to slow the distribution of cocaine, heroin and marijuana onto our streets, the regulatory arm of the DEA in Washington is allowing the manufacture and distribution of heroin equivalents in unprecedented numbers.

Earlier this year, CNS quoted the head of the DEA, Michele Leonhart: “DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart told that this was “one of the only times” her agency has not seen a drug abuse problem in the U.S. being fueled by cartels in Colombia and Mexico. Rather, she said, it is a domestic issue.
The DEA chief is allowing the production of oxycodone to increase by about 1200% in about thirteen years and at the same time is allowing DEA agents to risk their lives in chasing the illegal flow of the legal drugs to our streets in every community in America.

The production of generic manufacturing of our pharmaceutical companies continues to be outsourced to other countries and the FDA and DEA is doing little to stop the increasing production by our domestic manufacturers of pharmaceutical grade narcotics.

From Guy Taylor’s piece, an FDA footnote:

“Contributing factors to quota increases include: more aggressive pain treatment, new and different indications for legitimate medical use, the increase in the average age of the citizenry, new delivery methods and formulations for opioid pain relievers, new product development, and exportation. Thus, decreased production is not viewed as a realistic means to reduce diversion.”

On the radio show the term “Standard of Care” for chronic pain has been transformed into the term “Standard of Negligence” for chronic pain. With the DEA’s complicity, a Standard of Negligence is evolving within the medical profession.

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