From the 12/11 Show – The FDA is Brilliant – Zohydro Meeting for the Gullible

The radio show remains highly critical of the FDA.  Since the introduction of OxyContin, tens of thousands have died with the prescription narcotics in their bodies and an estimated millions have become addicted.  Millions are facing certain painful withdrawal if they were to stop their prescription narcotics today.

On a daily basis, many people face withdrawal because they could not come up with the cash for their next “doctors” appointment.  The media remains silent either due to Big Pharma bullying or stupidity.  “Safe as Prescribed” continues forward as thousands are affected negatively on a regular basis.

The FDA is the leading government organization that could bring sanity to the insanity.  However, the organization pulled off an ingenious public relations maneuver that fooled everybody, except a radio show.  The meeting was on December 7th.
The major players were a desperate pharmaceutical company in the hopes to cash in on the opioid fiasco, members of the media, hand-picked experts and public members who became the actors to serve as the butter cream topping for credibility.

The Partnership at also weighed in on the FDA hoax   The President of recommended disapproval of the drug Zohydro ER stating that OxyContin and Opana Er are apparently safer (Note – the makers of OxyContin and Opana have contributed to

This specific FDA folly started on December 7th with the public meeting to review the drug Zohydro ER by a little known pharmaceutical company called Zoginex.  The drug Zohydro ER contains pure hydrocodone.

The absurdity of introducing pure hydrocodone to the streets was known by all before the meeting.

In the FDA’s wisdom another debacle from an FDA approval had to be avoided and, at the same time, the credibility of OxyContin and their already approved narcotic brethren had to be withheld.

The Dec. 7th meeting to review Zohydro revolved around efficacy and safety of the new product.  An entire meeting was dedicated and devoted to the “safe as prescribed” mantra of the legal narcotics!

FDA heads, pharma executives, research heads, “medical experts” and gullible public citizens all gathered to reinforce the “safe as prescribed” mantra bestowed upon the existing deadly products that have forged the trail of addiction and death while reiterating “danger” to Zohydro.

True to the FDA script, Zohydro was almost unanimously voted down by the “esteemed advisory panel” of FDA pawns.  Only two years earlier the FDA found an advisory panel to support the newest formulation of OxyContin. 

On the streets generic hydrocodone can be as deadly as generic oxycodone.

If lives were not at stake, I would say kudos to the FDA for being ingenious.  But, this isn’t a chess game and people continue to die.

My condolences to all who were present and duped at the Dec. 7th meeting.

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2 Responses to From the 12/11 Show – The FDA is Brilliant – Zohydro Meeting for the Gullible

  1. Steve Hayes says:

    The FDA is corrupt. We know this because of the way that they have handled not only the opioid crisis but also the way that they have operated in league with the other drug companies.

    We can say thanks that Zohydro did not make it to the streets but we also know that Purdue is very happy to not have the competition as they deal their synthetic heroin.

    • RayR says:

      Purdue Pharma are snakes!! They have the market to themselves with their Oxycontin, but don’t be mislead by their sneakiness. They already have “Their Own” Vicodin/HydroCodone” Extended Release Pills on the Streets Now!! Their Pills of “Pure Vicodin” aka HydroCodone Pure, No Acetametaphin at all in these pills. Pure Hydro, with Strengths of 40mg and 80mg commonly being prescribed already by plain old Family Doctors. Not even Pain Management!!! So, as Zohydro was put through the Ringer by the FDA, Purdue was in backgraound, with attention off of them, releasing their MegaDose Hydrocodone Pills to the Market.

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