From the 12/17 Show – An Unpopular Viewpoint – Treatment for a 16 Year Old – Alcohol, Marijuana and Drugs Get a Light Sentence

The horrendous story of four people being killed and a young person left in a paralyzed condition on a Texas road by a sixteen year old has brought outrage from most in the country.

Alcohol and drugs are noted as the main cause in the tragedy.

The young man was put on probation with at least one year in a comprehensive treatment facility in California.  The judge has been lambasted for not giving out jail time to the sixteen year old.

As horrible as the tragedy is, the radio show believes the judge was right in mandating treatment instead of jail time.  The parents can afford the expensive treatment and jail time would not serve any positive service in this case.

It is clearly understood that a young man with lesser resources would not have had the expensive defense attorney and would have probably received a prison sentence.  However, how is unproductive jail time for this particular young man going to correct the injustices in a judicial system with monetary inequality?

Most astounding to this writer is society’s blind eye to the marketing and selling of drugs and alcohol to our young people.  The marketing of alcohol to young people continues to increase and be socially accepted. Budweiser Light, Smirnoff, Budweiser and Coors Light are the favorite drinks of young people

THC, (marijuana) Valium and muscle relaxants were also reported in the bloodstream of this young man at the time of the accident.

The radio show recognizes personal responsibility.  However, the recent stories of alcohol being a part of accidents and rapes with our young people also concern me.  The purveyors and manufacturers of alcohol advertise and glamorize their products to our youth and are not held at all accountable after a horrible outcome.

The marketing, selling, distribution and increasing profits that drugs and alcohol bring create winners and losers.

Marijuana, valium and muscle relaxants were also culprits in this story.  The winners in this story are the profit takers of drugs and alcohol and the losers are the four people dead and a young man paralyzed.

This tragedy offers a symbol for the culture of drugs and alcohol in our country.  The symbol is a sixteen year old who needs treatment.

This sixteen year old should be the symbol for everything wrong with the drug and alcohol culture in our communities.  We need a new awakening on the distribution and selling of drugs to our youth.

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