From the 12/18 Show – Pharma Smiling as the NRA Gets Beaten Up

The average American remains content sitting in front of their TV for countless hours or chasing the next “door buster” sale at the mall.  For many, adding alcohol or drugs to their daily routine helps numb them against experiencing their full potential as a human being.

We remain quiet while the routine stories of human greed, corporate and government injustices and murders are reported daily.  Although there are egregious occurrences regularly, on occasion one act will jolt us out of our stupor.

The name Adam Lanza will live in infamy.  Adam should be discussed with the context “of the perfect storm” in mind.  Adam was the byproduct of all of society’s misgivings.  A combination of a rotting mental health system, schools that are clueless to a suffering child, a garbage filled internet, violent movies, violent video games, a distant father, and a mother who owned assault rifles all contributed to the needless deaths of twenty-eight victims.

We have a society with many negative entities and the best the media can focus on is “guns”.

Big Pharma has to be quietly laughing in the corner.

The routine therapy today for an individual suffering from a mental illness is drugs.  The money driven practitioner can quickly create a diagnosis and sell the drug marketed for it.

The miracle of some outcomes concerning extremely severe conditions and/or schizophrenia is not discounted in this blog.  What is discounted is a completely defunct mental health system that has let the drug companies drive mental health therapy.  Twenty-eight people died because Pharma controls the dictates of a person’s therapy.

Whether Adam was on drugs during his developmental years is irrelevant.  The question has not been asked in the media why a rich family was not directed to more help than putting their son in a basement of isolation.

Given the reported history of Adam and his gaunt characteristics, I am assuming he was drugged by the professionals during his brief existence.  Adam probably saw a professional who spent little time with him and sent mom out the door with a prescription.  That is the mental health system for too many today.  A mental health system that is destroying too many young people.

As the NRA defends itself against a mother who used poor judgment in owning guns, Pharma remains unscathed for creating a mental health system that failed Adam, his family and twenty-seven additional victims miserably.

Adam deserved better and had a family who could afford better.  The NRA will ineptly and inanely attempt to defend itself in the coming months while Pharma continues to produce more Adam Lanza’s.

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One Response to From the 12/18 Show – Pharma Smiling as the NRA Gets Beaten Up

  1. Larry says:

    It is amazing to me that people don’t want to confront the evil that is in a human but ascribe the cause for tragedies like the one in Connecticut to an inanimate object–a gun, a knife even a car. It is the human that gives life to the object and uses it to bad effect.

    People assume that if we banned guns that all gun violence would cease. Look at Mexico. They have one of the strictest gun laws in the world but every day we hear of gun violence. People forget that the largest slaughter at a school actually happened in 1927 in Bath Township in Michigan. 38 elementary school children were killed, six adults died and 58 more were injured. The killer didn’t use a gun but dynamite.

    People seem to ignore the fact that almost all of the mass murders in the past 50 years were caused by people taking prescription psychotropic drugs. These people were receiving the products of Big Pharma. Big Pharma is delighted that instead of calling for an investigation of their product, the mass murders create calls for more of their dangerous and deadly product to be used. It is insane but all in the interest of profit.

    We need to wake up and see who is really ruining America.
    Steve Hayes

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