From the 1/22 Show – Definition of Addiction Driven By Money

The radio show remains an influential force in North America’s conscious and commentary on the increasing damage being created from the increasing drug fiasco in every community.  The radio show message continues to slowly percolate.  It is only a matter of time until business, industry and taxpayers understand the monetary costs involved from the over distribution and marketing of products that have the potential to create a permanent psychological and physical dependence that is very hard to curtail.  For too many, the daily use of legal (and illegal) products prevents individuals, companies and communities from reaching our full potential.

The money train doesn’t stop at the manufacturers, wholesalers, doctors, pharmacists and corporate doorsteps.  The train continues into the lucrative market of “addiction”.  The definition of addiction becomes an important marketing tool for too many unscrupulous business interests.

The field of “Addiction Medicine” is beginning to grow.  Addiction Medicine’s message reaffirms that Addiction is a lifelong disease.  If you can convince an individual that a disease is incurable, you have a lifelong customer.

The radio show has no problem with defining Addiction as a disease.  However, to create a definition that includes “incurable” for the benefits of a growing industry needs to be challenged.  The definition that includes Addiction as incurable and brings additional long term dependency producing opioids, benzodiazepines, SSRI’s, SNRI’s, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, and antipsychotics should not be accepted as a paradigm in our communities.

Substance misuse programs need to include a goal of creating a substance free individual.

Business and insurance companies should be demanding a goal of having a worker free from the daily intake of a dependent producing substance we are all indirectly paying for.  The FDA mantra of “safe as prescribed” for drugs that create dependency needs to be challenged by business and community leaders for the health, safety and productivity of their employees and citizens.

It is ludicrous that a “cost of doing business” today is drug testing.

Defining Addiction as a disease is fine.  However, allowing an industry to not include the words “remission” and/or “cure” which would include a substance free lifestyle needs to be challenged.

Every individual has different needs and challenges.  Compassionate business leaders need to be a part of the discussion.

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One Response to From the 1/22 Show – Definition of Addiction Driven By Money

  1. Leslie says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this! there’s no doubt in my mind that my addiction is in remission. this is a curable disease!

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