From the 12/25 Show – ProPublica Steps Forward

The truth is that the 12/25 show was a repeat of a “best of” show from October. However, I couldn’t let two tremendous articles published last week go without immediate notice.
ProPublica published the article: “The Champion of Pain Killers”.  The article exposed The American Pain Foundation which for years has promoted the concept that “The risk of addiction is overblown, and the drugs (opioids) are underused.” The American Pain Foundation claims to be an advocate for “patients in pain” and fails to reveal their extensive funding from the legal narcotic drug companies. Unfortunately, too many uneducated journalists continue to use the Foundation for information and quotes.
The second impressive article from ProPublica is equally disturbing.   The article reveals that Dr. Scott Fishman, chairman and president of the American Pain Foundation and Dr. Perry Fine, a prominent board member of the Foundation are less than candid in their financial ties to the opioid industry. Both Dr. Fishman and Dr. Fine have extensively presented themselves as experts in pain management and narcotic pain therapy in many venues without openly revealing their financial ties to the legal drug cartels they have directly or indirectly represented.
ProPublica indicates that both Fishman and Fine have been less than honest with their respective employers, the University of Utah and The University of California, Davis. It is a sad commentary when two faculty members of respected universities can parade as experts in narcotics when tens of thousands of loved ones and individuals suffer from the biased information Fishman and Fine have expressed. It is sadder if the university administration is not aware of the financial ties both men have to an industry this radio show host believes has no moral conscience.
Take a minute and send a short message regarding Dr. Fine to the Dean of the University School of Medicine of Utah, Dr. Vivian Lee (  )
Regarding Dr. Scott Fishman, contact the Dean of UC Davis School of Medicine Dr. Claire Pomeroy (  )
In essence, the message should be clear that you have been affected from the misuse of the opioids and you are requesting that the doctors are stopped from receiving outside funding from the drug companies that have misrepresented the true dangers of the narcotics. Dr Fishman and Dr. Fine need to be stopped and the University Dean’s told that their faculty member’s actions are an embarrassment to their respective institutions.

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