From the 12/4 Show – The Stealing of Souls – The Media and Richard Branson Remain Clueless

Truth is I intend to discuss this concept on the next show.  My original intent was to write about my visit with Martha Rosenberg who wrote an outstanding article last week   The drug Fosamax has been linked to osteonecrosis of the jaw for many years and doctors have continued to prescribe the drug.  The “serious” condition of Osteopenia was essentially fabricated  to help sell billions of dollars of a drug that has caused needless physical and mental damage.

Martha’s article exposes the drug company executives who displayed little concern or care for the many woman who suffered from the after effects of a drug.  The American public and media continues to tolerate egregious behavior from too many business executives and I encourage all to read Martha’s article.

“The Stealing of Souls” came to me after reading an article Steve Hayes sent to me. “Curbing Opioid Abuse Doable”

Coincidentally, CNN covered Richard Branson’s misdirected viewpoint on the “War on Drugs a Trillion Dollar Failure”.  A billionaire who can afford treatment for his family members is given credibility as an expert on drug distribution.

Mr. Branson and CNN make no mention of more people dying from the legal prescription drugs than the illegal drugs.  His statistics were not questioned by the CNN host and his suggestions for education and prevention were non-existent.

David Pittman’s article on Curbing Opioid Abuse continues to infer that opioid therapy should remain a respectable option.  The main problem with the media today is that they do not take the time to have a long conversation with a “legitimate pain patient”.

The pain patient quickly states their “physical problem” and how their life would never be the same without their daily use of the legal narcotics, psychotropics, benzos, muscle relaxants, etc.  An easy quote is grabbed and an early trip for their holiday shopping needs by the reporter is achieved.

When is the reporter going to understand the person they are talking to is looking at their watch and waiting for the next drug dose into detachment?  When is the reporter going to listen and look into the pain patients eyes? 

What they will see is a blank look and a person who is slowly losing their soul to the drugs.

The family members see it and the drug companies keep the media in a psychological induced fog.

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  1. Steve Hayes says:


    Another very good blog that points out the criminality of the drug companies but also the absolute lack of compassion and caring for people.



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