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The radio show had a guest interview with Kevin Sabet, the co-founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (S.A.M.)   Along with Kevin, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, David Frum and a number of accomplished individuals have gathered their resources to put together a response to an industry that has for too long been given free rein in the marijuana conversation.

The estimated potential profits from marijuana vary greatly.   This blog will simply state that “billions of dollars” are at stake for the business suits who promote the drug (excuse me – “plant”)

The money train for the legalization of marijuana has been very successful in recent years.  The promotional campaigns funded by the marijuana interests have brought “medical marijuana” to eighteen states and state sanctioned legalization to Colorado and Washington.

The journalistic formula for many writers today is to quote both sides of a story from representatives of opposing organizations who have an interest in the topic and then run to an early happy hour.

Until the formation of S.A.M,  Drug Policy Alliance and Marijuana Policy Project have dominated the articles concerning legalization.  The journalists have not had an organization to contact to refute the slanted information coming from the pro marijuana mavens.

S.A.M has already proven its validity. Recent articles have created inane quotes from The Marijuana Policy Project   and misrepresentation from The Drug Policy Alliance

The radio show remains concerned that recent reports have 25% of our high school students using a mind altering product that is possibly fifteen times greater than what their baby boomer parents and grandparents experimented with.  The science revealing marijuana’s potential dangers to a young mind is convincing.

The business community is slowly waking up to the realization that too many young applicants cannot pass a drug test.  S.A.M offers the business community an answer to a growing reality.

Fortunately, we now have Kevin Sabet and Smart Approaches to Marijuana who will help the journalists and media bring the conversation to an intellectual level Marijuana Policy Project and Drug Policy Alliance cannot compete with.

In the radio show’s opinion, having an increasing number of young people being weaned on marijuana during their formative years is not healthy for our country’s economic future.  My best wishes for S.A.M.

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