From the 1/29 Show – The FDA – al Qaida – Zogenix and ZoHydro – Homeland Security

Since September, 11 2001, an organization few in America had heard of changed the course of world history.  While al Qaida has brought death and destruction to tens of thousands in the world, the FDA has become the al Qaida equivalent in our country.  Since the FDA allowed the release of OxyContin tens of thousands of innocent victims have been lost to the heroin equivalents.  The Florida Examiners Report for 2010 lists over 1500 deaths from oxycodone (OxyContin’s ingredient) and over 300 deaths from hydrocodone (active opioid in Vicodin).

The FDA’s secret march to bring more death and destruction appears to be continuing forward.  An unfathomable thought: is the FDA leadership an operative for al Qaida?   Ok, maybe crazy, but I need an explanation on why the FDA remains silent as the destruction from the opioids continues to grow.

It was recently reported that a “24 hour timed release” version of hydrocodone is being considered by the FDA.  The Associated Press was the first to report on it nationally.

“The new pills contain the highly addictive painkiller hydrocodone, packing up to 10 times the amount of the drug as existing medications such as Vicodin.  Four companies have begun patient testing, and one of them — Zogenix of San Diego — plans to apply early next year to begin marketing its product, Zohydro.”

A product with ten times the amount of hydrocodone that is in a Vicodin tablet may be on our streets within the year!   Homeland Security continues to monitor the airline traffic and ports of entry in our country and have turned a blind eye to “our enemy within” this country, the FDA!

Advocates for the Reform of Prescription Opioids (ARPO)   is leading the awareness campaign to bring a stop to the FDA’s most recent actions.  The President of ARPO, Peter Jackson, states “Hydrocodone has been implicated in the deaths of thousands” and “you have a recipe for disaster similar to the tragedy that has happened to OxyContin”.

Erich Curnow from the recently wrote: “it’s not okay to get people hooked on pain medication for profit.”    The reporters in our country are beginning to understand the complicity of the FDA.

The beginning of the effort to let the FDA know they are no longer working in secrecy has begun.  We need to stop the FDA from allowing a “super dose” of hydrocodone to be on our streets.  Please contact ARPO at

If you have a lot of extra time, contact Homeland Security and ask them if they know of the FDA’s actions to help addict and kill tens of thousands of individuals?

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