From the 1/7 Show – Don’t Look to the Politicians – A New Class in Society

The history of drugs has ebbed and flowed.  Alcohol flowed freely before it was outlawed almost 100 years ago.  Changing the perceptions of alcohol brought it back again 80 years ago.  Marijuana was made illegal in 1937.  Heroin was rampant in the early part of the 20th century and almost extinct in this country during WWII.  The millions of dollars recently spent to legalize marijuana has been successful and heroin is coming back with a vengeance in some communities.

Legal narcotics were once respected for their dangers in the medical community and today cash will get whatever mind altering substance a person desires for the moment.

The right drugs and the right attorney will set a person up for a lifetime of disability benefits guaranteeing a life of public assistance we all pay for.  Our recent military veterans have become a special class of dysfunction thanks to the Veteran’s Administration policy of free legal drug flow.

The mental health care in this country is dictated by chemicals that puts an individual in perpetual denial of life’s beauty and opportunities.

Tuesday night’s show discussed the evolution of drugs in our country.  The legalization of marijuana and the news reports of its successful introduction in Colorado elevates and defines the role drugs are going to play in the near future for our country.

The money spent by special interests on the selling and marketing of every conceivable mind altering substance known to man has finally deluded the majority.

We are a country based on freedom of thought and dreams of pursuit.  Successful freedom includes self control and restraints.  We are quickly losing our proportion on where drugs fit into a community.

Too often, political outcomes are a result of money, not ideology.  The money flow of drugs will keep our politicians and public leaders under control.  The education this country needs will continue to come in second to the money train and money flow.

The sellers and purveyors of drugs are effectively changing America.

The flow of drugs is going to create a new class system in America in the coming years.  I remain curious how future generations are going to react.

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  1. Janet says:

    Good job Larry. Very well stated ;and the dilemma

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