From the 1/8 Show – Time Magazine Becomes a Champion for the Legal Drug Cartels

Special interests influencing the written word are nothing new to journalism. Powerful entities will hire a journalist to write a story within a major publication without revealing the influence or monetary incentive the journalist may have.

It appears to this writer that Time Magazine may have succumbed to some biased journalism. I am assuming that Time has seen its print sales continue to deteriorate in recent years and catering to large money interests may have become a reality not envisioned in the great and influential past history of Time Magazine.

I am referencing the recent article in Viewpoint: “Champion of Pain Relief, Siobhan Reynolds Dead in Plane Crash – The pain community loses a pioneering activist” on January 3, 2012.

Siobhan Reynolds was a strong and often quoted spokesperson for the increased distribution of legal narcotics. Reynolds paraded around the country defending the most egregious and public examples of the drug fiasco. Reynolds strongly advocated for the unhindered and unregulated prescribing of narcotics by any charlatan who had access to a prescription pad. Reynolds represented a phony organization called “The Pain Relief Network” which was nothing more than a mouthpiece for the legal drug cartels. I am not aware of her ever being questioned or reprimanded publicly by any drug producing entity.

I had long questioned Reynolds sincerity in helping people because she refused to come on the radio show. She accused me some untruths and knew she couldn’t take the scrutiny of a knowledgeable person in an open interview.

Unfortunately, Reynolds died in a recent plane crash. While this writer adamantly opposed the viewpoints of Reynolds and didn’t have much respect for her, I am always saddened by a violent death. It is now in the hands of our maker how her destructive actions will be judged.

The positive quotes on Siobhan Reynolds within the Time Magazine article are numerous. The drug company cartel influence came through strongly within the halls of Time Magazine.

Tens of thousands of people are suffering from the over distribution of legal drugs, and the radio show can’t get a single advocate who speaks of the accolades of Siobhan Reynolds to openly discuss the drug fiasco.

May Siobhan Reynolds rest in peace and her advocates consider the legacy she left behind.

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