From the 2/11 Show – State Senator Jeff Brandes – Family Oriented – NOT

The radio show refrains from becoming political unless a particular politician specifically makes a statement concerning the growing drug epidemic.

The radio show is broadcast from Clearwater, Fl which is in Pinellas County Florida.  By coincidence, Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes is this radio show host’s State Senator.

This blog is an open letter to my State Senator Jeff Brandes of Pinellas County.  Normally, we think of a Republican leader as being pro-family.  Although the cliché “pro-family” pertains to most of our politicians, the Republicans have managed to garner the phrase in their favor.

I have not found Senator Brandes to have used the phrase pro-family for his public persona, however, he is proud to be a family man.

My wrath comes from Senator Brandes’ support of adding the ordering of a Court Order before the police departments from around the State of Florida may access the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) implemented in 2011.  Since the introduction and usage of the Florida PDMP, drug overdose deaths have dropped drastically.   The reduction in deaths came during a time in which not a single police department in a state of over 19 million people has been implicated in misusing the PDMP data base and compromising our citizens privacy.

Before the PDMP was passed, doctor affiliated groups spoke against the legislation for almost 10 years.  However, Since the PDMP passage and its use by law enforcement hundreds of families have been spared the late night knock on their door from a police officer.

It appears the doctor affiliated groups may have gotten to Senator Brandes and his six colleagues on the Senate Health Policy Committee.

Admittedly, a strong accusation, however, when lives are being saved and there has not been any breach of compromise from our police, why would a State Senator vote to go back to the wild west days of drug distribution that has affected so many families?  Why would a State Senator support a position the “narcotic mavens” would have supported for many years?

It is not too late for Senator Brandes to change his lack of support for our police and communities.  However, if the proposed PDMP legislation moves forward to hinder law enforcement from helping our communities stay safer and families from suffering the loss of a loved one, Senator Brandes will never be able to look a mother or father in the eye and say, “family is important” and “kids come first”.

Rhetoric vs. action?  The next time a voter in Pinellas County sees or hears State Senator Jeff Brandes speak, remember his “anti-family” stance concerning drugs in our State of Florida.

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