From the 2/12 Show – Dear Abby – My Advice – Stick to Love

My regular reader of the blog knows I sometimes have a tendency to write about something that was not actually on Sunday night’s show.  For review, I do want to thank Congressman Robert Dold – 10th District Illinois for the time he spent with me. Erich Curnow writer for, Michael Palladini, author and Paul Keith, Consumer Energy Solutions create equal appreciation from me for a great show.  Our loyal listener Keith from Pittsburgh updated us on his 84 year old grandmother who takes methadone and Adderall daily and drives a golf cart within her retirement community.

Dear Abby has been a mainstay in America’s newspapers since 1956.   The original Dear Abby was Pauline Phillips and for a number of years her daughter Jeanne Phillips has carried on the tradition of offering common sense and moral advice.

In Wednesday’s column, Dear Abby stepped away from marriage problems, infidelity, neighbor hanky-pank, and “grandfathers new friend” to giving advice about prescription drugs.

A reader asked,  “At what point is a person considered to be addicted to prescription drugs”?  Unfortunately, Abby gave the exact answer every drug company executive enjoys hearing:  “When the person increases the dosage beyond what has been prescribed, lies about it and/or tries to get the drugs by devious means”.

Abby completely missed the “legitimate patient” who wakes up every morning suffering from the withdrawal effects of the drugs until they get their morning fix.  The definitions of dependency and addiction are drug company fostered explanations.  Abby should have also explained dependency in which a person has become physically, mentally and emotionally chained to the drug.

Tens of thousands of people have died from prescription drug overdoses and Abby placated the drug companies with her answer.  I can’t wait for someone to ask Abby about “psuedoaddiction” which means people only appear addicted because their medical needs are not being met,

My advice to Dear Abby – “Stick to Love” until you get a better understanding on the increasing drug culture in our country that is affecting every community in America.

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