From the 2/18 Show – Vice President Joe Biden – The Politics of Drugs

The radio show spent time on the “Steroid Fiasco” created by our government leaders.  Today you have the DEA chasing steroid offenders at the same time Pharma is advertising “Low T”.

Interestingly, Vice President Joe Biden was a leader in Steroid legislation as a State Senator.

Historically, steroid use was associated with body builders and sports oriented endeavors.  Although not “addictive”, there is no question that negative outcomes are possible with the overuse of the drug.  In 1988, considerable attention was being focused on the use of steroids in high school and college aged students.  With Senator Biden’s strong support, stricter distribution laws were put into place concerning the steroids.

This led to the “The Steroid Trafficking Act of 1989″ in which Joe Biden “described steroids as both dangerous and addictive, presenting the same threats to society as other hard drugs”.

The “Anabolic Steroid Act of 1990″ brought “Abuse of Steroids in Amateur and Professional Athletics” into the concerns.  The NFL and NCAA voiced opinions.  Senator Biden this time led the charge to put steroids into a restrictive Schedule III class which also brought the drugs under DEA scrutiny and harsher penalties.

After Major League Baseball became involved in the steroids issue, Senator Biden again was influential in passing additional legislation in 2004.

With President Obama recently stating that “marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol”,  where is Vice President Joe Biden’s outcry to save the children?

“Hypocrisy” is a favorite word on the radio show.  This week, Vice President Joe Biden is the poster child for the hypocrisy of the drug trade.  He was tenacious on the steroid issue.

Why his silence on marijuana?

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