From the 2/19 Show – A Cultural and Social Revolution – The Drugging of America

My thanks to the eminent expert in America, Dr. Peter Breggin, for joining me Sunday night.  Dr. Breggin has been speaking out for a number of years against the masterful marketing and money generated by convincing America that drugging our citizens makes sense.  I encourage all to visit Dr. Breggin’s website.

Dr. Breggin helped this radio show host finally summarize our challenge as Americans.  We have entered into a period of history in which we are drugging our children, senior citizens and everyone in between beyond the Orwellian imagination.  In my lifetime, I am witnessing a social and cultural transformation on how a society views mind altering drugs.

Our forefathers witnessed the destruction heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, etc. could do to a society and at least made the drugs illegal and more difficult to obtain.  OxyContin, Ritalin, Adderall and a myriad of legal chemical similarities mimic the effects of the illegal drugs.  The newer entities have ingeniously been brought to our streets courtesy of the drug company executives and complicit “experts” within the medical industry.

Marijuana has become accepted within many demographics in our country and the majority of reports I receive are only intellectual damage to our most precious resource, the youth of America.  Marijuana and the myriad of additional drugs creating so much damage to our families and communities have been sold as beneficial medical entities with only antidotal evidence.  A mother on the radio show Sunday night said it best: “the success stories that she hears are the ones in which people have stopped taking the drugs”.

The sane and rational individuals understand that “money” is the cause for the growth of the distribution of the legal drugs.  The pharmaceutical complex continues to advertise fairy tales and increase the production of the legal narcotics and psychotropic drugs.  The increasing distribution is costing this country billions of dollars in negative outcomes that every business person and taxpayer should be concerned about.

The radio show asks the question how long can a country survive if every man, woman and child is convinced a drug is beneficial for whatever mental challenge or whim they want to satisfy?  How long can a community and country remain strong with the incredible economic and social damage too many drugs bring?

This could be my last blog and I will rest comfortably.  This blog is the radio shows shining moment.  Our country is experiencing a cultural and social revolution on the acceptance of drugs in our society.  How long will our country survive the burden of having citizens taking mind altering drugs from birth to grave.  How much more damage are we going to allow the psychologically, emotionally and physically damaging legal drugs do to our communities before it is too late to lose a country’s basic fabric and principles?

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One Response to From the 2/19 Show – A Cultural and Social Revolution – The Drugging of America

  1. Pete Jackson says:

    Larry, you have summarized the frustration that many of us are feeling. Just a quick scan of the fallout from John Fauber’s latest expose in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reveals the depth to which the American public has fallen for the myth that there is a drug-based solution for every ache, pain, or difficulty that we face in our daily lives. The new normal in America is that it is our God-given right to be administered whatever medications we feel we need (or that Television tells us we need). The predominant view has become the view that we either get drugged up or we suffer – there is no other alternative. It’s black and white. Why not just cut out the middle men (government regulations, doctors and pharmacists) – all we really need is the drug company that makes our drug of choice. I want my OxyContin!

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