From the 2/19 Show – Dr. Peter Breggin – A Legend Visits the Show

The Floridian Adlerian Society is having their 18th Annual International Conference in the radio show’s listening area from February 28 – March 2.   My guest Tuesday night, Dr. Peter Breggin, is a featured speaker and presenter at the conference.

Peter Breggin, M.D., is regarded by many as “the conscience of psychiatry”.  Dr. Breggin is a staunch advocate against the over-diagnosis and overuse of psychiatric medications, the oppressive drugging of children, electroshock “therapy,” and fictitious biological theories promoting “chemical imbalances” in the brain.

Dr. Breggin is an inspiration for the radio show. For over 50 years he has been concerned and outspoken about the damages a mental health system that is driven by the pharmaceutical companies has brought to America.  For those who have been victims (individuals, family, friends, co-workers) from the over distribution of too many legal drugs, Dr. Breggin should be an inspiration for you as well.

Dr. Breggin articulately refutes the needs for a mind altering drug to help an individual create a comfortable sense of belonging in society.  Through his books, “Medication Madness”, “Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal”, and a number of other books written through the years he has tirelessly been a champion for creating a better health care model 

For most, you complain about the prescription drug fiasco around the dinner or coffee table, create a heated conversation at the local tavern, or maybe you create some comments between fellow soccer moms. Then it is life as usual.

As millions continue to suffer from an uncaring mental health care model created by the drug companies, Dr. Breggin remains the leader in attempting to educate America and the world.  Dr. Breggin should inspire all who don’t think they can help benefit others from what they have experienced from a broken mental health care system.

The Adlerian Society represents an alternative to “solutions through drugs” and most have never heard of them.  Dr. Breggin has been speaking and writing about the damage and destruction from psychiatry driven drugs for over two generations.

Please ask why few have heard of Alfred Adler or Peter Breggin?  An organization and an individual who offer alternative solutions for those in most need.

If you have the time off and are close to Tampa next week, I strongly urge you to visit the upcoming Adlerian conference starting Thursday, Feb 28th. I plan to be there on Friday, March 1.

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