From the 2/25 Show – Generation Rx – A Film for Future Generations and Historians

Film maker Kevin P Miller (The Promised Land, Let Truth be the Bias, Generation Rx and more) was my guest this week. Kevin produced, directed and wrote Generation Rx.  It has been five years since I talked to Kevin following the original introduction of the movie.

Generation Rx remains a classic work over five years later.  Although a keepsake copy can be purchased (, the movie is available on You Tube.  I urge all to watch it.

If you don’t understand the impact of Generation Rx, I am confident the historians will. The future historians will be in consternation how a technologically advanced society allowed the drugging of our children in a methodical evolution under the auspices of the FDA.

Generation Rx explores how America has come to believe a large proportion of our children are “chemically imbalanced”, “deficient in brain function” and incapable of surviving childhood without mind altering chemicals.  The drug companies have masterfully convinced society that nurturing, caring, understanding and a commitment of time for our children should be replaced with chemicals in a developing mind.  The chemicals have been renamed under the guidelines called “medications”.

Science has not mastered the complexities of the human mind and common sense should dictate that chemicals haven’t been produced that will create the perfect Johnny or Mary.

The continued insult to our intelligence is the complicity of the FDA to help perpetuate the fraud that is changing childhood.

It takes an effort and a search to uncover the facts.  I unequivocally state that giving powerful chemicals that alter the neurotransmitters in a developing brain is child abuse.

Generation Rx exposes the “contrived science” that is also perpetuated by a media who rationalizes ignoring the facts over potential profits.

If common sense isn’t convincing enough, Generation Rx interviews a number of distinguished people from various fields, talks to parents and family members who have suffered the consequences of the contrived science, goes into the medical conferences that collaborate to perpetuate the myth about our children and examines the “partnership” of the FDA with the drug companies.

If you have children or grandchildren, please watch Generation Rx.  For those who have their children on drugs, please understand the myths and possible dangers Generation Rx exposes.

A film for the ages and I wish I could be around to read how the future historians review Generation Rx.

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