From the 2/26 Show – For American Business, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, B-B-B-Baby”

On the radio show I mention “the money train of drugs” often.  The drug companies are in the front of the train, with marketing experts, wholesalers, doctors, pharmacists, lobbyists, politicians, and the drug company funded media in the additional cars being pulled.  The treatment and recovery industry ride the caboose following up on the damage and destruction the front of the train created.

The fuel (money) for the train is provided by business, industry and taxpayers who have become clueless to the prescription and mental health epidemic.  The overwhelming silence has the drug mavens and AMA endorsed charlatans laughing on their way to the bank.

Forget about my past blogs bringing up the costs to business in terms of rising health care costs, lost productivity, workman’s compensation, disability claims, drug testing, finding qualified applicants, family dysfunction, etc. that all can be attributed to the costly and silent drug epidemic.

The old blogs are old news.

The Bachman – Turner Overdrive song of 1974, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, B-B-B-Baby” is a prelude for today’s American business beginning in 2014.  It is estimated that The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) is going to add 32 million people who will gain access to mental health care.  “The new federal rule requires insurers to cover treatment of mental illnesses, behavioral disorders, drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and other conditions.”

The FDA has already sanctioned millions of people who cannot get through their day without developing tremors, shakes, anxiety and violent physical withdrawal if they do not have their legal drugs that are most often being paid for by employee health insurance or government sponsored programs.

The mental health system has become a business model for Pharma.  Put prescription pads in tens of thousands of unqualified hands who wear white coats and use them to write for billions of pills that, ironically, people do not want in their water supply.

We have a mental health system that is out of control and next year we have a potential 32 million more people who are going to qualify for entry into an already defunct system that is displaying few benefits past maintaining people on drugs they cannot physically stop taking.  In some cases, mass shooters are being created.

The drug companies have created millions of unsuspecting dependent and addicted individuals.

“Not Safe as Prescribed” needs to be the business community’s new mantra.  If the economic leaders don’t begin to quickly realize the costs from an over distribution of mind altering, addictive and potentially lethal products to an unsuspecting public and workplace, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, B-B-B-Baby” will be a hit again.

I hope business is saving up for more fuel for the money train.  More cars are going to be added beginning in 2014.

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2 Responses to From the 2/26 Show – For American Business, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, B-B-B-Baby”

  1. Steve Hayes says:


    You have again so accurately pointed out the madness that seems to be driving medicine today. It is like true that there are people with real health problems but it is also true that Pharma has done a great job of convincing doctors and their patients that it is only necessary to mask the symptoms and not address the actual problems.
    So people with real medical problems that are the cause of their unwanted feelings are simply given a pill that does not treat their real condition.

    Is it not doing harm when you fail to treat the actual medical problem and it gets worse? Thanks to your efforts people are becoming more and more educated.

    Steve Hayes

  2. Jim Harris says:

    Excellent analogies!

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