From the 2/4 Show – The Smell Under the Rug

In recent weeks, there has been a number of articles written around the country concerning the growth in heroin.  The Governor of Vermont made heroin a part of his State of the State address last month and the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has created focused discussions this week on heroin.  CNN has weighed in heavily on the topic.

It is being reported that Hoffman had a number of prescription drugs in his apartment at the time of his death and he was obtaining addictive prescription pills from doctors recently.

Michael Palladini, author of “Drugs of Abuse – From Doctors to Dealers, Users and Healers, was my guest Tuesday night and discussed the twenty-two reported heroin overdose deaths in the Pittsburgh, Pa area recently.  Heroin is on a destructive roll.

In my discussion with Michael, he reminded us that most heroin deaths were preceded by the use of prescription drugs in the victim’s history.

Also on the show, I discussed a Florida woman coming up for trial in the shooting deaths of her two teenage children.  The most recent court issue with the woman is whether she was “sane” at the time of shooting her children while they slept.  It was also reported that after the shooting a number of prescription pills were found in the house and the woman had been treated with prescription drugs for a number of years.

After every death or heinous crime, the roll prescription drugs may have played in the final outcome is never discussed or revealed.

Before invited guests come into our house, we sometimes quickly sweep the dirt under the rug to make things look neat.

In the case of prescription drugs we are continually sweeping the equivalent of a dead skunk under the rug.  The skunk under the rug can’t be hidden forever.  Visitors will eventually be asking where the smell is coming from.

As the deaths mount from overdose deaths, I remain confident the ultimate outcomes from the prescription drugs dealt from the doctor’s hands (and not a shadow by the ATM machine) won’t remain quietly hidden.

Americans are beginning to smell more than their morning coffee.

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