From the 2/5 Show – The Business Model of Mental Health Care and More Tragedy

The radio show regularly laments the human mindset that has been created by our pharmaceutical companies.  In an age of instant communication, the damage being created from the over distribution of too many legal drugs remains a quandary to this writer.

As Congress debates new gun laws, a common theme among the most recent tragedies is the failure of the mental health system to help each of the young men accused of the horrendous acts.  In every instance, the perpetrator had interacted with a mental health professional prior to picking up a gun in their final act.  The tragedies indicate that prior access to mental health professionals had not been denied.

The lies coming from the mental health profession need to be addressed. We have innocent people dying after the perpetrators were seen and treated by the existing system.

It appears that the more people who have the opportunity to see a mental health professional will bring more tragedy to our streets.  A cold thought that needs to be considered.

How have we allowed the mental health care system to become morally and effectively defunct and there remains no national conversation about it?  The business model of mental health has been created, defined and operated by the pharmaceutical companies.  An untrained person with a prescription pad will spend a few minutes with a person, authorize a drug that has been marketed with promises and send that person out to the streets to an unsuspecting public.

Pharma has convinced the public that drugs will replace an individual’s plea for help.  The mental health minions in white coats obediently follow Pharma’s dictates by giving a person a drug and sending them back to the streets.  In many cases the drugs are creating a more dangerous person!

The politician becomes a pawn to the multi-billion dollar defunct pharmaceutical and mental health industries.  The rhetoric from our public leaders is that guns are the problem.

Like a sneeze is the symptom of a cold, guns are the symptom of a much bigger undiagnosed disease in this country.  The disease is a dangerously out of control mental health system.

The next time you listen to a debate concerning guns ask the question why people who have been treated by the mental health system come out shooting?

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3 Responses to From the 2/5 Show – The Business Model of Mental Health Care and More Tragedy

  1. Steve Hayes says:

    You have cogently and coherently exposed the “big lie” being promoted by the drug companies and the media. It is a huge problem when “mental help” is really giving destructive drugs that worsen the problem.

    Just like it is the driver that causes almost all accidents, it is not the gun but the person using it that causes almost all accidents. Yes there accidental discharges and yes vehicle malfunctions but rarely.

    Good job Larry!

    Steve Hayes

  2. Pat says:

    Intelligent insight, my friend. When asked these questions, why are the Feds so silent with answers.

  3. it’s almost a shame when medicine which should be about getting better is now all about getting better drugs

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