From the 3/11 Show – National Rx Drug Abuse Summit – The Train Rolls

I hope the radio show is remembered for the phrase “The Money Train of Drugs”.  The engine is the drug manufacturers, the coal car is the marketing gurus, the passenger compartments include the medical professionals and the caboose includes the treatment and recovery people.  The billions of dollars legal drugs generate makes a case for education a hard fought battle.

The annual National Rx Drug Abuse Summit ( )has become the crescendo and defining moment for everything that is wrong with our country’s growing drug culture.  Under the guise of “caring and concern”, a multi-mega buck charade has been created.

With the approval of the FDA and a complicit NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) “feel good” drugs that interact with our neurons and interfere with the natural neurotransmitters in our bodies have been a given carte blanche ticket for human destruction.

Our forefathers made heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine illegal. But, modern science has brought drugs to market that mimic the effects of all three drugs.

It begins with the selling and pouring of mind altering drugs down the throats of unsuspecting children, selling heroin like drugs under the “guise of pain” to adults, and rationalizing the rebirth of amphetamines to create an underground market for the college students.

For the adults, when the “prozac” begins to become tolerated, the “experts” add a cocktail of new mind altering drugs and convince almost 20% of the population they have a mental illness.  The warnings of suicide and dependence remain unheeded.

The train rolls on.  Since the birth of patent medicines in the 19th century, followed by legalizing heroin, followed by the invention of the amphetamines, followed by the barbiturates, Quaaludes, benzodiazepines, and heroin substitutes called OxyContin and Vicodin, the diabolical myth continues forward as tens of thousands are affected or die yearly from the LEGAL drugs.

Then along comes the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit in April.  Keynote addresses by the leaders of the NIH, NIDA, FDA, CDC and ONDCP all signed on to continue the farce of “safe as prescribed” and reminding all that we need to be vigilant to recognize those who become most severely damaged from the use of the legal drugs.

“We need to cut our losses” and to hell with the millions who are psychologically hooked without adequate mental health counseling.

Drugs are the mainstay of treatment and forget about a clean bed and adequate nutrition.

The people we can’t help:   Put them out on the streets or in jail!

For those who can afford it, the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit has the legislators, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, treatment providers, insurance companies, and community advocates available to cash in on the human misery the conference pretends to be concerned about.

The train continues to roll in 2014.

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One Response to From the 3/11 Show – National Rx Drug Abuse Summit – The Train Rolls

  1. hp says:

    The conference is clearly focused on the money. No attempt made to offer reasonable pricing or accommodation for those who care but cannot afford. The sponsorship list is similar to that seen at pain conferences. They had taken money from the drug company Alkermes (provides manufacturing for Zohydro) as the primary sponsor, but someone seems to have slapped some sense into them. Money Train indeed.

    Leaders of these agencies only appear because the conference has a high content of political hacks – this is just talk, meant for the cameras. Money Train indeed.

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