From the 3/11 Show – The Marketing of Rachel Hoffman – Follow the Money

On May 7, 2008 we sadly lost a 23 year old woman to drugs. Rachel Hoffman had agreed to become an informant for the Tallahassee police department shortly after she was discovered with many times over the misdemeanor limit for marijuana.  The amount qualified Rachel to face felony charges.  The masterful marketing of Rachel after her death recently brought a $2.4 million dollar settlement to her parents from the city of Tallahassee.

Since Rachel’s death, many advocates who propose for the liberalization of our drug laws have made Rachel a symbol for their cause.  While the pro legalization advocates have marketed Rachel’s memory for their special interests, the parents have remained silent.  After the Florida legislature authorized the $2.4 million dollars to the parents, the American press displayed an angelic young woman who was a victim of the police and not the damage and destruction drugs have brought to so many families.

The Tampa paper described Rachel as “naive when she agreed to help police”.

The truth was that Rachel was wrapped up in the drug culture, knew the drug score, was in a court ordered drug treatment program, missed her last scheduled drug test, knew the street drug vernacular and knew how to contact people who could pull off a $13,000 drug deal.  Rachel’s actions in the year prior to her death did not indicate “naive”.

The parents lived in Clearwater when Rachel died and had apparently lost touch with their daughter’s reported drug dealing.  Sadly, since Rachel’s death, the parents have been a part of the marketing effort toward the march to their $2.4 million dollar payday with quotes about how much they missed their daughter when in fact they had no comment about her lifestyle and blamed the police for her death.

It is my hope that an investigative journalist begin to examine and report on the Rachel Hoffman story.  It should be called “The Marketing of Rachel Hoffman” or “How to Get $2.4 million Dollars From Your Daughter’s Death With the Influence of the Drug Legalization Advocates”

Rachel’s drug issues represent what tens of thousands of parents have had to face.  The parents I know have all stepped forward in trying to better understand how to help educate other parents.

Rachel became a victim to drugs and her death became a payday for her parents who have remained silent while the advocates for drug legalization have used Rachel for their personal causes.  Rachel’s death could have been an example for so much more in our growing drug culture that is taking too many children away from their parents.

The Rachel Hoffman story: A marketing story to be read by every student pursuing a legal degree that includes personal injury.

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3 Responses to From the 3/11 Show – The Marketing of Rachel Hoffman – Follow the Money

  1. Derek says:

    A woman is murdered in a botched ANTI-drug operation and you proclaim the woman was “lost to drugs”. I can’t help but comment on the absolute mindlessness of that statement. I’m sorry, but this is beyond unreasonable. This is an overly abstract and emotionalized, biased, reductionistic, distortion of reasoning on your part. Your hate for all things mind altering (i.e. drugs) has completely overridden your objective judgement and decency. As they say, the first casualty in war is the truth. You’re irrational disdain for pscyhoactive drugs has made you fickle & intellectually stubborn, and your show completely unreasonable. I sincerely believe you are someone who cannot be reasoned with.

  2. Derek says:

    And hear me out, I am sincere in sharing just as much concern over addiction and drug-related harm in our culture than you yourself; and I take issue with much of your approach only because it is your type of approach (the current, status quo approach to drugs and addiction) that continues to compound drug related problems & harms – which in turn have been blamed on drugs themselves. Much if not most of the destruction is the product of domino effect and blowback rooted in the emotionalized public reactions, the media hysteria and hyperbole, finger pointing, vengeful thinking, impractical cultural idealism, knee jerk legislation & draconian enforcement. You may accuse me of wanting “business as usual”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I share as much disdain for the pharmaceutical and medical industry as yourself and your devoted listeners, but on completely different grounds. I and like minded people who are advocating a far greater degree, and type of, change in our current discourse than most other concerned individuals. In order to see the value of a “liberalized” approach, it takes a great degree of personal understanding in the social phenomena underlying the “drug problem” and the complicated history preceeding it.

  3. Derek says:

    I don’t deny that there is too much death and harm as a result of drugs and addiction; but I believe that the lack of education which you emphasize on your show is rooted in our idealistic, abolition-oriented attitudes toward drugs and their use – which over time create a fundamental cultural naivety, ignorance and incompetence, which leaves us very uneducated and overly vulnerable for drug related harms (with our never having been able to adapt to the technicological devices and environment of a modern age)

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