From the 3/18 Show – Zohydro – FDA and Rope a Dope

In 1974 Muhammad Ali pulled off a masterful match against George Foreman in which Ali allowed Foreman to flail away on Ali while he was against the ropes in the ring.  Subsequently, Foreman used up much of his energy without doing much damage to Ali.

“Rope a Dope” comes to mind with the FDA and Zohydro.

The highly addictive and potentially deadly Zohydro was approved by the FDA in spite of an advisory panel recommending against approval and a public outcry against the product.

My blog from 12/11/2012 revealed the FDA orchestration for Zohydro

However, there was a twist I did not know.  Purdue Pharma has been working on a timed released hydrocodone product.

The deference the FDA has shown Purdue since the introduction of OxyContin and tens of thousands of lives lost is well documented for speculation on the special relationship Purdue has with the FDA.

The Rope a Dope begins with the public outcry from all the organizations that garner publicity from being part of the “safe as prescribed” crowd.  OxyContin, Vicodin, Adderall, Dilaudid, Opana, Duragesic, etc are all “safe as prescribed”. But, OMG Zohydro is dangerous!!!!

As a reminder, all the legal narcotics are addictive.  The outcry from the “safe as prescribed” groups is not from the addiction potential of Zohydro, but the fact that it can be crushed.

Fact: Few people die from overdose deaths that include the crushing of pills!

The FDA script couldn’t have been better planned.  Recently, the FDA Rope a Dope ingenuity led members of congress to propose banning Zohydro.

The issue in Congress isn’t that high doses of hydrocodone are inherently dangerous, but that Zohydro is not “abuse resistant”.

Bouncing off the ropes is the FDA and Purdue Pharma.  Purdue’s timed release hydrocodone “abuse resistant” (not “addictive resistant”) will be ready for approval in the coming year.

In the coming months, the energy against the timed release high dose of hydrocodone in the formulation of Zohydro will be spent by the “safe as prescribed” crowd.

The FDA “listened” to the public outcry and Purdue will win quick approval with their “OxyContin Cousin” and little outcry from the “safe as prescribed” groups.

The FDA mastered the Rope a Dope strategy to perfection.

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