From the 3/19 Show – Outrageous – Deadbeats Collect Before Cerebral Palsy Patient

We have become numb from reading about the ineptness from our politicians and the corporate misdeeds from too many business leaders.

For those who still have a semblance of caring and thought, some stories still create some outrage within our sleeping souls.

A recent story in the Ocala Times saddened me.  A 28 year old woman has suffered from severe cerebral palsy since birth.  Her loving family has taken care of her.

In our country, I am sickened that a person in dire medical help has been cast aside and the sole burden is upon a family enduring the woman’s daily struggle alone.  This family needs more government assistance.

The outrage I feel is from two examples this week of physically able people collecting checks from our government while a woman with a congenital disease and family need our help.

The outrage I feel is from a healthy 35 year old navy veteran who has no job, but has the time to sue our state because he doesn’t want to be bothered by taking a drug test to obtain government assistance   If this deadbeat has the wherewithal to sue the state, he has the ability to work.  If he has the time to find and consult with attorneys to sue the state for free benefits, he has the time to find a job.

Regardless of your feelings about drug testing welfare recipients, the facts are that thousands of children are being affected by the use of drugs by their parents.  Supporting a 35 year old free loader to sue the state over illicit drug use is incomprehensible.

The outrage I feel also comes from the story about a “100% disabled veteran” who is collecting government checks and has the ability to “run outside” and confront the police who are pulling out his marijuana plants.  This story includes another government free loader who has the time to work for the best interests of the business suits who want to bring more pot to your schools.

Where is the outrage in our society???????? A story about a 28 year old woman who is completely helpless and she and her family cannot get the proper help to care for her needs!

In the same week I read about two able bodied free loading deadbeats collecting government checks and have the “free” time to receive media coverage to help distribute more drugs to our streets!!!!!

Even the men with low testosterone should feel the outrage.

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