From the 3/26 Show – Florida Pill Mill Massacre and Genocide – Letter of Allegation to the United Nations

On the radio show, I have “bragged” about being pretty smart. My biggest fault is that I am a slow learner.

I also realize North America’s collective intelligence falls into the same category. When I started the radio show many years ago, I was considered a “radical” and “activist”.   In recent times, I am proud to be contacted by the media on occasion for insights and opinions.   The road has been a slow process in educating the media and our communities about the truth of the ingenious drug distribution by people in respectable business suits.   Every community has been affected humanly and economically by the growing drug epidemic.

For most, Doctor Robert Ben Mitchell’s recent Letter of Allegation concerning Complicity in Genocide in the Florida Pill Mill Massacres sent to Mr. Anand Grover, The Special Rapporteur on the Right of Everyone to the Enjoyment of the Highest Attainable Standard of Health in Switzerland falls into the same category as a radio show.

For years people have told me the radio show doesn’t have a chance. I am sure people have told Doctor Mitchell to forget about the Letter of Allegation.

How dare Dr. Mitchell accuse the Florida Medical and Osteopathic Boards in “Complicity of Genocide” (Germany had doctors prosecuted after the atrocities of the Nazi’s).

How dare Dr. Mitchell bring up the Pill Mills sprouting like bean sprouts under the watchful eye of the medical regulators.

How dare Dr. Mitchell bring up the tens of thousands who died after the medical and osteopathic boards oversaw doctors handing out combinations of pills that had no medical need for the individuals.

How dare Dr. Mitchell bring up the mass amounts of money the Pill Mills were generating under the watchful eyes of the medical regulators.

How dare Dr. Mitchell bring up the mass distribution of dangerous combinations of drugs under the silence of the medical regulators.

How dare Dr. Mitchell display the responsibilitiesof the Medical and Osteopathic Boards which are in direct conflict with the Florida Pill Mill Massacre while the deaths continued to rise.

Dr. Mitchell is one crazy human being. However, I predict he will begin to make sense to the slow learners reading this.

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