From the 3/4 Show – God, Drugs and the Stupefying of America

This blog enters into an area I have no business in:  God.

David Kupelian recently wrote an excellent piece reminding America that 70 million people are using mind altering drugs and another 60 million are reportedly regular alcohol users

The statistics indicate that America is continually growing in its thirst for mind altering substances.  The marketers and distributors of every category of blissful promises have affected millions of individuals and families with little negative publicity.  Supply (marketing) and demand is working perfectly in American communities.

Drug and alcohol use increases as the purveyors of the products bring legitimacy to substances that alter the human mind and condition.  For the legal drugs, the auspices of “science” is used.

Recently, Washington State issued the first license to legally sell marijuana.  Another 333 licenses are waiting in the wings via a lottery process.

There was jubilation with the issuance of the new marijuana license with no mention of the already 130 million people who are already under the wings of mind altering legal substances.

It appears our country hasn’t reached the peak of consumption for the altering of perception.

The news channels lament the economic conditions of millions of Americans while the politicians remain puppets to those who profit from the “stupefying of America”.

Within David Kupelian’s article, a brilliant paragraph:

“The desire for drug profits – combined with the profound blindness that results from a de facto atheistic orientation for healing human minds and souls – have taken our nation to a bad place. When our “healers” do not understand human nature, when morality and sin don’t even enter into our thinking about how our mental-emotional problems originate and are fed, when we completely ignore the reality of God’s laws (which reliably results in falling into the grip of dark forces), we compensate by creating our own quasi-”religious” beliefs and “priests” (experts), with their own peculiar “sacraments” and “salvation.” All of which leads us, individually and as a nation, ever more into darkness, rather than into the light.”

In summary from the radio show:

The intellectual and progressive thinkers who believe in science, logic and free choice follow the dictates of messages that are self indulgent and are lacking in self constraint.  For the “enlightened elite”, religion is illogical and only to be defended and supported in a prison environment.–__religion_november_2012_0.pdf

The elitists and intellectuals are the last to understand the stupefying of America.  Those who believe in God understand.

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2 Responses to From the 3/4 Show – God, Drugs and the Stupefying of America

  1. Tony Gerardi says:

    I think u have all the business in the world discussing God, SOMEBODY has to do it!! Think part of this drugging of America is because there is not enough talk about God! Larry u have the knowledge and intelligence and medium to do it and think this blog and your last show were fantastic! Truth and facts! I read something like the real danger is when good people do nothing about evil, you r doing something about it and im doing my best. This is evil when our own government allows opiate narcotics through the FDA and call it “medicine”. This is evil how the FDA allowed oxycontin into the market and KEPT it on the market after thousands and thousands have died and became addicted. This drug has become some peoples “god”. This is evil when a dentist or doctor and give young kids a narcotic like heroin or anybody without TELLING them what it can do. Some doctors may not really even know, they r giving out a FDA APPROVED narcotic. It is evil when a company who created oxycontin can be fined 600 million dollars and ALLOWED to stay in business! 600 million to a drug cartel is peanuts!! We need God!! and people like you to tell the truth!! How can we turn our heads while this is happening? If they took away every “illegal” drug dealer off the streets, there would be still a ENORMOUS issue with drugs, “legal” drugs. They IMHO r more dangerous because many people would NEVER think our government would allow it. Money and politics can allow a company to sell legal heroin and call it medicine and kill people. Didn’t tobacco representatives state under oath tobacco ” is not addictive”. That is evil! Why is there no class actions lawsuits over this? Did the tobacco companies and big drug companies buy all the attorneys to work for them? The drug companies create diseases and syndromes to get people hooked on their drugs. Isnt narcotics bad enough to be legal? You would be arrested for selling this stuff in the streets yet it handed out in doctors offices and dentist offices. People r being numbed by these drugs and turning them into their god , and more drugs r being allowed legal like marijuana. It was a bad drug when illegal drug dealers sell it and make money now its a good drug when “legal” drug dealers sell it. I have more respect for the illegal drug dealer, they r not trying to fool anyone. Put them in jail along with all the people who had anything to do with allowing opiate narcotics to become legal. Whats the difference? If a drug dealer sells opiate narcotics that’s bad, yet a doctor can hand it out no problem, whats the difference? This is lies and is evil! Maybe time God is brought into this. Many addicts have recoverd with the help of God and many believe that’s the only way out. The damage a addict can do to themselves and anybody around them is tragic and certainly with more illegal drugs becoming legal because of profits its not getting better! Who else but God can help at this point? Many have a higher power that can save them also. I for one will not sit silently by as I watch money and politics continue to kill people.
    Larry, you do the best job of anyone I know putting the truth out there and think its great to have God “dragged’ into this! God , grant us the serenity to except the things we can not change and the COURAGE to change the things we CAN and the wisdom to know the difference. AMEN!

  2. Cathy letalien says:

    Tony your reply is on the mark! We have to have God involved. This country is heading in a very dark direction. I lost my son and only child to this hideous drug and am trying to reach out to others to warn them of this evil narcotic. There are so many people young and old trapped in the nightmare of addiction but it seems nobody cares. I care and I know Larry cares. His show is like no other and needs to be aired across our country. He has the facts knowledge and guts to make a difference. I was so glad to see someone else cares!

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