From the 3/5 Show – Pharma and Compassion – A Dangerous Combination

America is a benevolent country to be proud of.  According to USA Today, Americans reported $217 billion dollars to charitable causes.  This is in addition to the estimated 56% of the federal budget allocated for Unemployment, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc.
America spent an additional $20 billion in “international assistance programs” in 2012

The numbers make me a proud American.  The problem starts with the diabolical charlatans who understand the compassion America has.  Helping the poor and defenseless has evolved into masterful marketing by Pharma.

We feel helpless to see a person in writhing pain, terminal illness, severe mental illness and addiction.  The human intellect and condition continues to struggle with the unexplainable that brings misery and torment to many.

Pharma has conveniently figured it out.  Target the compassion we carry in our hearts and market and sell miracle cures.  We laugh at the medicine man doing his dance in old westerns and the patent medicines of the 19th century that were filled with cocaine, morphine, opium and alcohol.

Today we have Pharma selling remedies for pain, depression, anxiety, mental illness, shift disorder, restless leg syndrome and hyperactivity for children (a disease called ADHD).  As a society we haven’t evolved past the belief in the medicine man.

Our compassion has developed into a multi-billion dollar fiasco that has created tens of millions who CAN’T function WITHOUT a mind altering drug.  The marketing machine that smells Obama Care’s blank check courtesy of America’s compassion is getting ready to bring millions more into the grips of a daily drug.

The business suits that bring marijuana into our high schools continue to roll under the guise of “medical marijuana”.  Our compassion is undermining the future of an entire generation.

Like it or not, China and Singapore have vibrant economies and no drugs.  We are exporting jobs to other countries because our young developing brains are led to believe that FDA approved drugs are safe as prescribed and marijuana is needed in medicine.

The adults are a lost cause to the growing drug culture, but I continually ask why we are allowing an unfiltered message to our children.

Our compassion is stealing the future of our country before us and the business suits along with Pharma’s masterful marketing is exploiting every ounce of compassion we have.

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  1. Steve Hayes says:


    Another fine example of what should be obvious to all but has been ignored by most. The only thing that I can say is that more and more people seem to be waking up and this will lead to more of an audience for your type of common sense writing.



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