From the 4/1 Show – Chimpanzees and the Libertarian Party

The radio show covered a number of topics Sunday night.  First, my thanks to Ray Martinez  for helping enlighten my radio show listener and the country on how marijuana is affecting his community of Fort Collins, Co and his state.  Most intriguing is that the legalization of marijuana in Colorado was created under the guise of “medical marijuana”.  It appears that there is an increasing power struggle between people connected with medicine and those not connected to the medical profession.  Upcoming ballot initiatives in Colorado are a fight about who is going to reap the financial rewards from the lucrative profits of marijuana.  Many more people in Colorado want the ability to enter the marijuana market and not just allow a few to enjoy the financial rewards marijuana has created?

Fortunately, as Ray helped point out, the business community and leaders are becoming concerned about the long term ramification the marijuana industry is bringing to Colorado.  The cost of doing business in Colorado to keep a drug free work place and a safe work environment is increasing.  My hope is that my home state of Florida is paying attention as billboards for the attributes of marijuana for our senior citizens are being displayed  web site.

Earlier in the show I asked why the Libertarian Party is identified with “legalization of drugs” and not “education of drugs”.  The Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson asks for “Drug Reform Policy” and Ron Paul (a veiled Libertarian) professes for liberalization, but I don’t understand why there is not a movement for education.  In a free market and free choice system, why would political candidates not encourage money to be spent in reminding the American people the economic destruction too many drugs bring to a community.

The next time you hear that “the war on drugs is a failure”, ask why the focus of educating America about “not safe as prescribed” or “marijuana is for losers” is not emphasized first?

Writing about the candidates who are for liberalization before education reminded me of the Chimpanzee story.   We have people who are concerned about the side effects drugs may bring to the Chimpanzees in testing laboratories and ignore the same side effects and disturbing outcomes for our children and adults.

Chimpanzees are humans closest living relatives.  The legalization before education crowd reminds me how some people are more close to the intellect of the chimpanzee than others.

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  1. Derek W Meyer says:

    Glad you mentioned the new reports on autism. I doubt that the gene pool has changed, and I doubt that children are developing autism at ever greater rates. I do think that doctors are diagnosing autism (and other mental illness) more and more aggressively. And I do think the diagnostic criteria for many ailments are becoming increasingly, wide and meaninglessly vague. And it won’t cease until every man, woman, and child meets the criteria for some type of illness.

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