From the 4/15 Show – OxyMorons – Pay Per View Finally Gets It

Johnny Hickey, writer director and lead actor in the movie OxyMorons joined the radio show again Sunday night.  If your cable company is Time Warner, Verizon, Comcast, Cox, Charter and others around the country that include In-Demand you can now enjoy the movie.  My local Brighthouse Network has the movie via their On Demand service.

Johnny Hickey has overcome all odds to put out a fantastic movie. I wrote a review on OxyMorons last year.   “The movie is symbolic for so many people. For those who have a loved one suffering they will understand they are not alone.”  For those who have lost a loved one, OxyMorons will be the vehicle in America that will help bring closure and reveal the corruptness of our government and politicians who allow the “silent epidemic” and “legal narcotics” to reach our streets so easily.”  For all others, OxyMorons has action, dialogue, realism, and an ending you won’t forget.

The movie is graphic and violent at times.  Admittedly, some uncomfortable scenes for some.  However, what drugs are doing to our communities is not pretty.  Johnny Hickey brings the realism of the drug scene to the movies that America needs to see.

OxyMorons is a reflection on what is happening in almost every community in America.  Drugs bring despair and a loss of hope for too many people.  The high schools and colleges continue to avoid discussions and programs pertaining to the growing drug culture in our country.  An intellectual discussion by leaders appears to be focusing on incarceration rates and not how to better help a country focus on priorities that will limit the devastating consequences too much drug use brings to individuals and communities.  Education is a missing component on the phony cry against the “The Drug War”.

College leaders should be embracing the movie OxyMorons in order to create the discussions necessary on the college campus.  With the wide scale availability of the movie, the discussions can be broadened in the college community.

I encourage you to watch the movie. OxyMorons is a movie you will discuss with your friends after seeing it.

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